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My Stamps

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What's it?

It's a website for anybody who collects post stamps and wants to have an online version of the collection.

How can it be useful to me?

With this site you can:

  • look at the statistic (including charts) about your collection (how many series and stamps do you have? From which countries and in which categories they are?)
  • share a link to the collection with friends
  • use it as a list of stamps which you are selling on auction
  • add to the signature on forums
  • use it where a photo of your collection is needed

How can I try it?

You can look at it and try on

If you are programmer/sysadmin or you just feeling that you are able to run a local version of the site then follow the following instructions:

  • install Java (at least 8th version is required)
  • install Maven
  • clone this project
  • from the console inside the directory with source code, execute the command mvn spring-boot:run
  • open up in a browser
  • browse the site or log in as one of the pre-created users: admin, paid, or coder with password test
  • press Ctrl-C to stop the server

Caution! The purpose of that version is a preview of the site and its capabilities. Because of that, the changes that you can make on the site will be lost after stopping the server!

What's inside? (interesting only for programmers)

  • At the heart of: Spring Framework (and especially Spring Boot)
  • Template engine: Thymeleaf
  • UI: HTML, Bootstrap and a bit of JavaScript with JQuery
  • Security: Spring Security
  • Databases: H2 or MySQL
  • Database access: Spring's JdbcTemplate
  • Database migrations: Liquibase
  • Validation: JSR-303 (Hibernate Validator)
  • Logging: Slf4j (Logback)
  • Unit tests: Groovy and Spock Framework (for Java code), jasmine (for JavaScript code)
  • Integration tests: Selenium2, RobotFramework, WireMock, TestNG and fest-assert
  • Others: Lombok, Togglz, WebJars