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PHP Defer

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The defer statement originally comes from Golang. This library allows you to use the defer functionality in your PHP code.



defer($context, $callback);

defer requires two parameters: $context and $callback.

  1. $context - unused in your app, required to achieve the "defer" effect. I recommend to use $_ always.
  2. $callback - a callback which is executed after the surrounding function returns.


Defer the execution of a code


function helloGoodbye()
    defer($_, function () {
        echo "goodbye\n";

    defer($_, function () {
        echo "...\n";

    echo "hello\n";

echo "before hello\n";
echo "after goodbye\n";

// Output:
// before hello
// hello
// ...
// goodbye
// after goodbye

Defer and exceptions


function throwException()
    defer($_, function () {
        echo "after exception\n";

    echo "before exception\n";

    throw new \Exception('My exception');

try {
} catch (\Exception $e) {
    echo "exception has been caught\n";

// Output:
// before exception
// after exception
// exception has been caught


PHP Defer supports all PHP versions from ^5.3 to ^8.0. The following command will install the latest possible version of PHP Defer for your PHP interpreter.

composer require "php-defer/php-defer:^3.0|^4.0|^5.0"


This library is inspired by mostka/defer.