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SEPA file generator in PHP
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SEPA file generator for PHP.

Creates XML files for the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) Credit Transfer and Direct Debit Payments Initiation messages. These SEPA XML messages are a subset of the "ISO20022 Universal financial industry message scheme".

License: GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0

The versions of the standard followed are:

  • pain.001.002.03 (or pain.001.001.03) for credit transfers
  • and pain.008.002.02 (or pain.008.001.02) for direct debits

Institutions and associations that should accept this format:

  • Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft
  • Fédération bancaire française
  • ING (tested on direct credit, use pain.001.001.03)
  • Spain: CaixaBank
  • Spain: SantanderBank

Always verify generated files with your bank before using in production! If you encounter an institution that does accept this library's generated files please notify us to add it to the list or send a PR!



This library is available in, you can add it to your project via Composer.

In the "require" section of your composer.json file:

Always up to date (bleeding edge, API not guaranteed stable)

"digitick/sepa-xml" : "dev-master"

Specific version, API stability

"digitick/sepa-xml" : "1.1.*"


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