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1. Backward Incompatible Changes
2. New Features
3. Changes in SAPI modules
4. Deprecated Functionality
5. Changed Functions
6. New Functions
7. New Classes and Interfaces
8. Removed Extensions and SAPIs
9. Other Changes to Extensions
10. New Global Constants
11. Changes to INI File Handling
12. Windows Support
13. Other Changes
14. Performance Improvements
1. Backward Incompatible Changes
- Core:
. Methods with the same name as the class are no longer interpreted as
constructors. The __construct() method should be used instead.
. Removed ability to call non-static methods statically.
. Removed (unset) cast.
. Removed track_errors ini directive. This means that $php_errormsg is no
longer available. The error_get_last() function may be used instead.
. Removed the ability to define case-insensitive constants. The third
argument to define() may no longer be true.
. Access to undefined constants now always results in an Error exception.
Previously, unqualified constant accesses resulted in a warning and were
interpreted as strings.
. Removed ability to specify an autoloader using an __autoload() function.
spl_autoload_register() should be used instead.
. Removed the $errcontext argument for custom error handlers.
. Removed create_function(). Anonymous functions may be used instead.
. Removed each(). foreach or ArrayIterator should be used instead.
. Removed ability to unbind $this from closures that were created from a
method, using Closure::fromCallable() or ReflectionMethod::getClosure().
. Also removed ability to unbind $this from proper closures that contain uses
of $this.
. Removed ability to use array_key_exists() with objects. Use one of isset()
or property_exists() instead.
. Made the behavior of array_key_exists() regarding the type of the key
parameter consistent with isset() and normal array access. All key types now
use the usual coercions and array/object keys throw a TypeError.
. Any array that has a number n as its first numeric key will use n+1 for
its next implicit key. Even if n is negative.
. The default error_reporting level is now E_ALL. Previously it excluded
. display_startup_errors is now enabled by default.
. Using "parent" inside a class that has no parent will now result in a
fatal compile-time error.
. The @ operator will no longer silence fatal errors (E_ERROR, E_CORE_ERROR,
that expect error_reporting to be 0 when @ is used, should be adjusted to
use a mask check instead:
// Replace
function my_error_handler($err_no, $err_msg, $filename, $linenum) {
if (error_reporting() == 0) {
return; // Silenced
// ...
// With
function my_error_handler($err_no, $err_msg, $filename, $linenum) {
if (!(error_reporting() & $err_no)) {
return; // Silenced
// ...
Additionally, care should be taken that error messages are not displayed in
production environments, which can result in information leaks. Please
ensure that display_errors=Off is used in conjunction with error logging.
. Inheritance errors due to incompatible method signatures (LSP violations)
will now always generate a fatal error. Previously a warning was generated
in some cases.
. The precedence of the concatenation operator has changed relative to
bitshifts and addition as well as subtraction.
. Arguments with a default-value that resolves to null at run-time will no
longer implicitly mark the argument type as nullable. Either use an explicit
nullable type, or an explicit null default value instead.
// Replace
function test(int $arg = CONST_RESOLVING_TO_NULL) {}
// With
function test(?int $arg = CONST_RESOLVING_TO_NULL) {}
// Or
function test(int $arg = null) {}
. A number of warnings have been converted into Error exceptions:
* Attempting to write to a property of a non-object. Previously this
implicitly created an stdClass object for null, false and empty strings.
* Attempting to append an element to an array for which the PHP_INT_MAX key
is already used.
* Attempting to use an invalid type (array or object) as an array key or
string offset.
* Attempting to write to an array index of a scalar value.
* Attempting to unpack a non-array/Traversable.
A number of notices have been converted into warnings:
* Attempting to read an undefined variable.
* Attempting to read an undefined property.
* Attempting to read a property of a non-object.
* Attempting to access an array index of a non-array.
* Attempting to convert an array to string.
* Attempting to use a resource as an array key.
* Attempting to use null, a boolean or a float as a string offset.
* Attempting to read an out-of-bounds string offset.
* Attempting to assign an empty string to a string offset.
. Attempting to assign multiple bytes to a string offset will now emit a
. Unexpected characters in source files (such as null bytes outside of
strings) will now result in a ParseError exception instead of a compile
. Uncaught exceptions now go through "clean shutdown", which means that
destructors will be called after an uncaught exception.
. Compile time fatal error "Only variables can be passed by reference" has
been delayed until run-time and converted to "Cannot pass parameter by
reference" exception.
. Some "Only variables should be passed by reference" notices have been
converted to "Cannot pass parameter by reference" exception.
. The generated name for anonymous classes has changed. It will now include
the name of the first parent or interface:
new class extends ParentClass {};
// -> ParentClass@anonymous
new class implements FirstInterface, SecondInterface {};
// -> FirstInterface@anonymous
new class {};
// -> class@anonymous
The name shown above is still followed by a null byte and and a unique
. Declaring a required parameter after an optional one is deprecated. As an
exception, declaring a parameter of the form "Type $param = null" before
a required one continues to be allowed, because this pattern was sometimes
used to achieve nullable types in older PHP versions.
function test($a = [], $b) {} // Deprecated
function test(Foo $a = null, $b) {} // Allowed
. Non-absolute trait method references in trait alias adaptations are now
required to be unambiguous:
class X {
use T1, T2 {
func as otherFunc;
function func() {}
If both T1::func() and T2::func() exist, this code was previously silently
accepted, and func as assumed to refer to T1::func. Now it will generate a
fatal error instead, and either T1::func or T2::func needs to be written
. The signature of abstract methods defined in traits is now checked against
the implementing class method:
trait MyTrait {
abstract private function neededByTrait(): string;
class MyClass {
use MyTrait;
// Error, because of return type mismatch.
private function neededByTrait(): int { return 42; }
. Disabled functions are now treated exactly like non-existent functions.
Calling a disabled function will report it as unknown, and redefining a
disabled function is now possible.
. data: stream wrappers are no longer writable, which matches the documented
. The arithmetic and bitwise operators
+, -, *, /, **, %, <<, >>, &, |, ^, ~, ++, --
will now consistently throw a TypeError when one of the operands is an
array, resource or non-overloaded object. The only exception to this is the
array + array merge operation, which remains supported.
. Float to string casting will now always behave locale-independently.
. Removed support for deprecated curly braces for offset access
- COM:
. Removed the ability to import case-insensitive constants from type
libraries. The second argument to com_load_typelib() may no longer be false;
com.autoregister_casesensitive may no longer be disabled; case-insensitive
markers in com.typelib_file are ignored.
- Date:
. mktime() and gmmktime() now require at least one argument. time() can be
used to get the current timestamp.
- dom:
. Remove unimplemented classes from ext/dom that had no behavior and contained
test data. These classes have also been removed in the latest version of DOM
* DOMNameList
* DomImplementationList
* DOMConfiguration
* DomError
* DomErrorHandler
* DOMImplementationSource
* DOMLocator
* DOMUserDataHandler
* DOMTypeInfo
- Enchant:
. enchant_broker_list_dicts(), enchant_broker_describe() and
enchant_dict_suggest() will now return an empty array instead of null.
. enchant_broker_init() will now return an EnchantBroker object rather than
a resource. Return value checks using is_resource() should be replaced with
checks for `false`.
. enchant_broker_request_dict() and enchant_broker_request_pwl_dict() will now
return an EnchantDictionary object rather than a resource. Return value
checks using is_resource() should be replaced with checks for `false`.
- Exif:
. Removed read_exif_data(). exif_read_data() should be used instead.
- Filter:
FILTER_VALIDATE_URL filter have been removed. The scheme and host are (and
have been) always required.
. The INPUT_REQUEST and INPUT_SESSION source for filter_input() etc have been
removed. These were never implemented and their use always generated a
- GD:
. The GD extension now uses objects as the underlying data structure for
images, rather than resources. These objects are completely opaque, i.e.
they don't have any methods.
. The deprecated function image2wbmp() has been removed.
. The deprecated functions png2wbmp() and jpeg2wbmp() have been removed.
. The default $mode parameter of imagecropauto() no longer accepts -1.
IMG_CROP_DEFAULT should be used instead.
- GMP:
. gmp_random() has been removed. One of gmp_random_range() or
gmp_random_bits() should be used instead.
- Iconv:
. iconv() implementations which do not properly set errno in case of errors,
are no longer supported.
- Intl:
. The deprecated constant INTL_IDNA_VARIANT_2003 has been removed.
. The deprecated Normalizer::NONE constant has been removed.
. The IntlDateFormatter::RELATIVE_FULL, IntlDateFormatter::RELATIVE_LONG,
IntlDateFormatter::RELATIVE_MEDIUM, and IntlDateFormatter::RELATIVE_SHORT
constants have been added.
. The deprecated function ldap_sort has been removed.
- Mbstring:
. The mbstring.func_overload directive has been removed. The related
also been removed. Finally, the "func_overload" and "func_overload_list"
entries in mb_get_info() have been removed.
. mb_parse_str() can no longer be used without specifying a result array.
. A number of deprecated mbregex aliases have been removed. See the following
list for which functions should be used instead:
* mbregex_encoding() -> mb_regex_encoding()
* mbereg() -> mb_ereg()
* mberegi() -> mb_eregi()
* mbereg_replace() -> mb_ereg_replace()
* mberegi_replace() -> mb_eregi_replace()
* mbsplit() -> mb_split()
* mbereg_match() -> mb_ereg_match()
* mbereg_search() -> mb_ereg_search()
* mbereg_search_pos() -> mb_ereg_search_pos()
* mbereg_search_regs() -> mb_ereg_search_regs()
* mbereg_search_init() -> mb_ereg_search_init()
* mbereg_search_getregs() -> mb_ereg_search_getregs()
* mbereg_search_getpos() -> mb_ereg_search_getpos()
* mbereg_search_setpos() -> mb_ereg_search_setpos()
. The 'e' modifier for mb_ereg_replace() has been removed.
mb_ereg_replace_callback() should be used instead.
. A non-string pattern argument to mb_ereg_replace() will now be interpreted
as a string instead of an ASCII codepoint. The previous behavior may be
restored with an explicit call to chr().
. The needle argument for mb_strpos(), mb_strrpos(), mb_stripos(),
mb_strripos(), mb_strstr(), mb_stristr(), mb_strrchr() and mb_strrichr() can
now be empty.
. The $is_hex parameter, which was not used internally, has been removed from
. The legacy behaviour of passing the encoding as the third argument instead
of an offset for the mb_strrpos() function has been removed, provide an
explicit 0 offset with the encoding as the fourth argument instead.
. When passing invalid escape sequences they are no longer interpreted as
literals. This behaviour previously required the X modifier - which is
now ignored.
- PDO:
. The default error handling mode has been changed from "silent" to
"exceptions". See
for details of behavior changes and how to explicitly set this attribute.
. The method PDOStatement::setFetchMode() now accepts the following signature:
PDOStatement::setFetchMode($mode, $classname, $params)
. The php.ini directive pdo_odbc.db2_instance_name has been removed
- Reflection:
. The method signatures
ReflectionMethod::invoke($object, $args)
have been changed to:
ReflectionMethod::invoke($object, ...$args)
Code that must be compatible with both PHP 7 and PHP 8 can use the following
signatures to be compatible with both versions:
ReflectionClass::newInstance($arg = null, ...$args)
ReflectionFunction::invoke($arg = null, ...$args)
ReflectionMethod::invoke($object, $arg = null, ...$args)
. The ReflectionType::__toString() method will now return a complete debug
representation of the type, and is no longer deprecated. In particular the
result will include a nullability indicator for nullable types. The format
of the return value is not stable and may change between PHP versions.
. Reflection export() methods have been removed.
. The following methods can now return information about default values of
parameters of internal functions:
. ReflectionMethod::isConstructor() and ReflectionMethod::isDestructor() now
also return true for `__construct` and `__destruct` methods of interfaces.
Previously, this would only be true for methods of classes and traits.
- Socket:
flags for socket_addrinfo_lookup() have been removed.
- SPL:
. SplFileObject::fgetss() has been removed.
. SplHeap::compare($a, $b) now specifies a method signature. Inheriting
classes implementing this method will now have to use a compatible
method signature.
. SplDoublyLinkedList::push() now returns void instead of true
. SplDoublyLinkedList::unshift() now returns void instead of true
. SplQueue::enqueue() now returns void instead of true
. spl_autoload_register() will now always throw a TypeError on invalid
arguments, therefore the second argument $do_throw is ignored and a
notice will be emitted if it is set to false.
- Standard:
. assert() will no longer evaluate string arguments, instead they will be
treated like any other argument. assert($a == $b) should be used instead of
assert('$a == $b'). The assert.quiet_eval ini directive and
ASSERT_QUIET_EVAL constants have also been removed, as they would no longer
have any effect.
. parse_str() can no longer be used without specifying a result array.
. fgetss() has been removed.
. The string.strip_tags filter has been removed.
. The needle argument of strpos(), strrpos(), stripos(), strripos(), strstr(),
strchr(), strrchr(), and stristr() will now always be interpreted as a
string. Previously non-string needles were interpreted as an ASCII code
point. An explicit call to chr() can be used to restore the previous
. The needle argument for strpos(), strrpos(), stripos(), strripos(),
strstr(), stristr() and strrchr() can now be empty.
. The length argument for substr(), substr_count(), substr_compare(), and
iconv_substr() can now be null. Null values will behave as if no length
argument was provided and will therefore return the remainder of the string
instead of an empty string.
. The length argument for array_splice() can now be null. Null values will
behave identically to omitting the argument, thus removing everything from
the 'offset' to the end of the array.
. The args argument of vsprintf(), vfprintf(), and vprintf() must now be an
array. Previously any type was accepted.
. The 'salt' option of password_hash() is no longer supported. If the 'salt'
option is used a warning is generated, the provided salt is ignored, and a
generated salt is used instead.
. The quotemeta() function will now return an empty string if an empty string
was passed. Previously false was returned.
. hebrevc() has been removed.
. convert_cyr_string() has been removed.
. money_format() has been removed.
. ezmlm_hash() has been removed.
. restore_include_path() has been removed.
. get_magic_quotes_gpc() and get_magic_quotes_gpc_runtime() has been removed.
. Calling implode() with parameters in a reverse order ($pieces, $glue) is no
longer supported.
. parse_url() will now distinguish absent and empty queries and fragments: => query = null, fragment = null => query = "", fragment = null => query = null, fragment = "" => query = "", fragment = ""
Previously all cases resulted in query and fragment being null.
. var_dump() and debug_zval_dump() will now print floating-point numbers
using serialize_precision rather than precision. In a default configuration,
this means that floating-point numbers are now printed with full accuracy
by these debugging functions.
. If the array returned by __sleep() contains non-existing properties, these
are now silently ignored. Previously, such properties would have been
serialized as if they had the value NULL.
. The default locale on startup is now always "C". No locales are inherited
from the environment by default. Previously, LC_ALL was set to "C", while
LC_CTYPE was inherited from the environment. However, some functions did not
respect the inherited locale without an explicit setlocale() call. An
explicit setlocale() call is now always required if you wish to change any
locale component from the default.
- Sysvmsg:
. msg_get_queue() will now return an SysvMessageQueue object rather than a
resource. Return value checks using is_resource() should be replaced with
checks for `false`.
- Sysvsem:
. sem_get() will now return an SysvSemaphore object rather than a resource.
Return value checks using is_resource() should be replaced with checks
for `false`.
- Sysvshm:
. shm_attach() will now return an SysvSharedMemory object rather than a resource.
Return value checks using is_resource() should be replaced with checks
for `false`.
- tidy:
. The $use_include_path parameter, which was not used internally, has been
removed from tidy_repair_string().
- XML:
. xml_parser_create(_ns) will now return an XmlParser object rather than a
resource. Return value checks using is_resource() should be replaced with
checks for `false`. The xml_parser_free() function no longer has an effect,
instead the XmlParser instance is automatically destroyed if it is no longer
- XMLWriter:
. The XMLWriter functions now accept and return, respectively, XMLWriter
objects instead of resources.
- Zip:
. ZipArchive::OPSYS_Z_CPM have been removed, should use ZipArchive::OPSYS_CPM
(this name was a typo).
- Zlib:
. gzgetss() has been removed.
. inflate_init() will now return an InflateContext object rather than a
resource. Return value checks using is_resource() should be replaced with
checks for `false`.
. deflate_init() will now return a DeflateContext object rather than a
resource. Return value checks using is_resource() should be replaced with
checks for `false`.
2. New Features
- Core:
. Added support for union types.
. Added WeakMap.
. Added ValueError class.
. Any number of function parameters may now be replaced by a variadic
argument, as long as the types are compatible. For example, the following
code is now allowed:
class A {
public function method(int $many, string $parameters, $here) {}
class B extends A {
public function method(...$everything) {}
. "static" (as in "late static binding") can now be used as a return type:
class Test {
public function create(): static {
return new static();
. It is now possible to fetch the class name of an object using
`$object::class`. The result is the same as `get_class($object)`.
. New and instanceof can now be used with arbitrary expressions, using
`new (expression)(...$args)` and `$obj instanceof (expression)`.
. Some consistency fixes to variable syntax have been applied, for example
writing `Foo::BAR::$baz` is now allowed.
. Added Stringable interface, which is automatically implemented if a class
defines a __toString() method.
. Traits can now define abstract private methods.
. `throw` can now be used as an expression.
. An optional trailing comma is now allowed in parameter lists.
. It is now possible to write `catch (Exception)` to catch an exception
without storing it in a variable.
. Added support for mixed type
. Added support for Attributes
. Added support for constructor property promotion (declaring properties in
the constructor signature).
- Date:
. Added DateTime::createFromInterface() and
- Enchant:
. enchant_dict_add()
. enchant_dict_is_added()
- dom:
. Introduce DOMParentNode and DOMChildNode with new traversal and manipulation APIs
- Opcache:
. If the opcache.record_warnings ini setting is enabled, opcache will record
compile-time warnings and replay them on the next include, even if it is
served from cache.
- OpenSSL:
. Added Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) (RFC 5652) support composed of
functions for encryption, decryption, signing, verifying and reading. The
API is similar to the API for PKCS #7 functions with an addition of new
- Standard:
. printf() and friends how support the %h and %H format specifiers. These
are the same as %g and %G, but always use "." as the decimal separator,
rather than determining it through the LC_NUMERIC locale.
. printf() and friends now support using "*" as width or precision, in which
case the width/precision is passed as an argument to printf. This also
allows using precision -1 with %g, %G, %h and %H. For example, the following
code can be used to reproduce PHP's default floating point formatting:
printf("%.*H", (int) ini_get("precision"), $float);
printf("%.*H", (int) ini_get("serialize_precision"), $float);
. proc_open() now supports pseudo-terminal (PTY) descriptors. The following
attaches stdin, stdout and stderr to the same PTY:
$proc = proc_open($command, [['pty'], ['pty'], ['pty']], $pipes);
- Zip:
. Extension updated to version 1.19.0
. New ZipArchive::lastId property to get index value of last added entry.
. Error can be checked after an archive is closed using ZipArchive::status,
ZipArchive::statusSys properties or ZipArchive::getStatusString() method.
. The remove_path option of ZipArchive::addGlob() and ::addPattern() is now
treated as arbitrary string prefix (for consistency with the add_path
option), whereas formerly it was treated as directory name.
. Optional compression / encryption features are listed in phpinfo.
3. Changes in SAPI modules
- CGI and FPM will now use CONTEXT_DOCUMENT_ROOT to scan for .user.ini files,
if it is defined. Otherwise, DOCUMENT_ROOT will be used as before. This
improves support for Apache mod_userdir and mod_alias.
4. Deprecated Functionality
- Core:
. Calling get_defined_functions() with $exclude_disabled explicitly set to
false is deprecated. get_defined_functions() will never include disabled
- Enchant:
. enchant_broker_set_dict_path and enchant_broker_get_dict_path
not available in libenchant < 1.5 nor in libenchant-2
. enchant_dict_add_to_personal, use enchant_dict_add instead
. enchant_dict_is_in_session, use enchant_dict_is_added instead
. enchant_broker_free and enchant_broker_free_dict, unset the object instead
. The constant PG_VERSION_STR has now the same value as PG_VERSION, and thus
is deprecated.
- Zip:
. Using empty file as ZipArchive is deprecated. Libzip 1.6.0
do not accept empty files as valid zip archives any longer.
Existing workaround will be removed in next version.
. The procedural API of Zip is deprecated. Use ZipArchive instead.
- Reflection:
. ReflectionFunction::isDisabled() is deprecated, as it is no longer possible
to create a ReflectionFunction for a disabled function. This method now
always returns false.
. ReflectionParameter::getClass(), ReflectionParameter::isArray(), and
ReflectionParameter::isCallable() are deprecated.
ReflectionParameter::getType() and the ReflectionType APIs should be used
5. Changed Functions
- Reflection:
. ReflectionClass::getConstants and ReflectionClass::getReflectionConstants results
can be now filtered via a new parameter `$filter`. 3 new constants were added to
be used with it:
- Zip
. ZipArchive::addGlob and ZipArchive::addPattern methods accept more
values in the "options" array argument:
. flags
. comp_method
. comp_flags
. env_method
. enc_password
. ZipArchive::addEmptyDir, ZipArchive::addFile and aZipArchive::addFromString
methods have a new "flags" argument. This allow to manage name encoding
(ZipArchive::FL_ENC_*) and entry replacement (ZipArchive::FL_OVERWRITE)
. ZipArchive::extractTo now restore file modification time.
6. New Functions
- Core:
. Added get_resource_id($resource) function, which returns the same value as
(int) $resource. It provides the same functionality under a clearer API.
- OpenSSL:
. Added openssl_cms_encrypt() encrypts the message in the file with the
certificates and outputs the result to the supplied file.
. Added openssl_cms_decrypt() that decrypts the S/MIME message in the file
and outputs the results to the supplied file.
. Added openssl_cms_read() that exports the CMS file to an array of PEM
. Added openssl_cms_sign() that signs the MIME message in the file with
a cert and key and output the result to the supplied file.
. Added openssl_cms_verify() that verifies that the data block is intact,
the signer is who they say they are, and returns the certs of the signers.
. Added preg_last_error_msg(), which returns a human-readable message for
the last PCRE error. It complements preg_last_error(), which returns an
integer enum instead.
- SQLite3:
. Add SQLite3::setAuthorizer() and respective class constants to set a
userland callback that will be used to authorize or not an action on the
- Standard:
. Added
str_contains(string $haystack, string $needle): bool
str_starts_with(string $haystack, string $needle): bool
str_ends_with(string $haystack, string $needle): bool
functions, which check whether $haystack contains, starts with or ends with
. Added fdiv() function, which performs a floating-point division under
IEEE 754 semantics. Division by zero is considered well-defined and
will return one of Inf, -Inf or NaN.
. Added get_debug_type() function, which returns a type useful for error
messages. Unlike gettype(), it uses canonical type names, returns class
names for objects, and indicates the resource type for resources.
- Zip:
. ZipArchive::setMtimeName and ZipArchive::setMtimeIndex to set the
modification time of an entry.
. ZipArchive::setProgressCallback to provide updates during archive close.
. ZipArchive::setCancelCallback to allow cancellation during archive close.
. ZipArchive::replaceFile to replace an entry content.
. ZipArchive::isCompressionMethodSupported to check optional compression
. ZipArchive::isEncryptionMethodSupported to check optional encryption
7. New Classes and Interfaces
- Tokenizer:
. The new PhpToken class adds an object-based interface to the tokenizer.
It provides a more uniform and ergonomic representation, while being more
memory efficient and faster.
8. Removed Extensions and SAPIs
. The xmlrpc extension has been unbundled and moved to PECL.
9. Other Changes to Extensions
. The CURL extension now requires at least libcurl 7.29.0.
. curl_init() will now return a CurlHandle object rather than a resource.
Return value checks using is_resource() should be replaced with
checks for `false`. The curl_close() function no longer has an effect,
instead the CurlHandle instance is automatically destroyed if it is no
longer referenced.
. curl_multi_init() will now return a CurlMultiHandle object rather than a
resource. Return value checks using is_resource() should be replaced with
checks for `false`. The curl_multi_close() function no longer has an effect,
instead the CurlMultiHandle instance is automatically destroyed if it is no
longer referenced.
. curl_share_init() will now return a CurlShareHandle object rather than a
resource. Return value checks using is_resource() should be replaced with
checks for `false`. The curl_share_close() function no longer has an effect,
instead the CurlShareHandle instance is automatically destroyed if it is no
longer referenced.
. The deprecated parameter `$version` of curl_version() has been removed.
- Enchant:
. The enchant extension now uses libenchant-2 by default when available.
libenchant version 1 is still supported but is deprecated and could
be removed in the future.
- GD:
. The $num_points parameter of imagepolygon(), imageopenpolygon() and
imagefilledpolygon() is now optional, i.e. these functions may be called
with either 3 or 4 arguments. If the arguments is omitted, it is calculated
as count($points)/2.
. The function imagegetinterpolation() to get the current interpolation method
has been added.
. The JSON extension cannot be disabled anymore and is always an integral part
of any PHP build, similar to the date extension.
- MBString:
. The Unicode data tables have been updated to version 13.0.0.
. When mysqlnd is not used (which is the default and recommended option),
the minimum supported libmysqlclient version is now 5.1.
. The PGSQL and PDO PGSQL extensions now require at least libpq 9.1.
10. New Global Constants
- Filter:
. FILTER_VALIDATE_BOOL has been added as an alias for FILTER_VALIDATE_BOOLEAN.
The new name is preferred, as it uses the canonical type name.
11. Changes to INI File Handling
12. Windows Support
- Standard:
. Program execution functions (proc_open(), exec(), popen() etc.) using the
shell now consistently execute `%comspec% /s /c "$commandline"`, which has
the same effect as executing `$commandline` (without additional quotes).
- php-test-pack:
. The test runner has been renamed from run-test.php to run-tests.php, to
match its name in php-src.
13. Other Changes
- EBCDIC targets are no longer supported, though it's unlikely that they were
still working in the first place.
14. Performance Improvements
- A Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler has been added to the opcache extension.
- array_slice() on an array without gaps will no longer scan the whole array to
find the start offset. This may significantly reduce the runtime of the
function with large offsets and small lengths.
- strtolower() now uses a SIMD implementation when using the "C" LC_CTYPE
locale (which is the default).