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A Modification and Style database for and the International Support Teams, codename Titania
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Latest commit 99eaad5 @marc1706 marc1706 Merge branch '3.1.x'
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assets Refactor management tools.
attachment Merge branch '3.1.x'
cache Pass the type collection to the cache service's get_author_contribs().
composer Pass download type parameter to route method instead of hard-coding it.
composer_packages Use composer_packages/prod/ instead of composer/ to store JSON files.
config Merge branch '3.1.x'
console/command/composer Translate language key.
contribution Improves the regex to fix common error in composer.json
controller Merge branch 'build-composer-package' into 3.1.x
cron/task Add cron task to rebuild Composer repo.
docs Move titania/ directory to root. God help us...
entity Namespacify titania_message_object class.
event Remove TITANIA_ROOT and PHP_EXT constants.
files Harden access control.
includes Add phpBB 3.1.7 and 3.1.7-pl1 packages
language Translate language key.
manage/tool Translate language key.
message Strip img and flash URL's in contrib quickview description.
migrations Add cron task to rebuild Composer repo.
misc Fix issue with component .cfg files not being parsed.
queue Move queue stats class to the DIC.
search Fix a notice when using sphinx search
store Harden access control.
styles Merge branch '3.1.x'
ucp Remove TITANIA_ROOT and PHP_EXT constants.
url Drop "All contributions" page in favor of new improved index listing.
user Move get_author_ids_from_list() function to new user helper class.
.gitignore Update composer dir name in .gitignore.
.gitmodules [task/testsuite] Add test suite to titania
.htaccess Harden access control.
.travis.yml Remove MichaelC as a recipient of notifications for the CDB travis bu… Remove *.com related codes, those are available on the phpbb-com bran…
access.php Set correct access level for team groups.
common.php Autoload constants file.
composer.json Autoload constants file.
composer.lock Update deps.
composer.phar Update Composer.
config.example.php Bump phpBB version.
count.php Move titania_count class under phpbb\titania namespace.
date.php Move date-related functions to new date class.
display.php Fix broken My Contributions link for users with slashes in their names.
ext.php Update file headers.
posting.php Fix broken attachment management when switching to full editor from q…
sort.php Move titania_sort class to the DIC.
subscriptions.php Fix "Cannot redeclare class messenger" error when approving post.
sync.php Switch usage of titania_types with type collection.
tags.php Move the titania_tags class to the DIC.
tracking.php Move titania_tracking to the DIC.
versions.php Fix lack contrib list branch output.


Titania is the Customisations Database


Do you have an improvement? Did you fix a bug? Fork our GitHub repo, make your changes in a separate branch and send a pull request. Please read the Git Sub-Project Guidelines before forking and fixing bugs.


If you have a translation please read the information on patches.

Get Involved

You can get involved by reporting bugs in the bug tracker (See Below), provide patches/improvements (See Above).

Bug Tracker

If you find a bug, please submit it to the Customisations Database bug tracker on

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