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A Modification and Style database for and the International Support Teams, codename Titania | Subscribe to the commits list:
branch: 3.1.x

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/3.1.x' into 3.1.x

* origin/3.1.x:
  [ticket/675] Fix undefined variable error.
latest commit 0039323f79
@michaelcullum michaelcullum authored
Failed to load latest commit information.
assets/javascript Add ability to install styles on demo from management page.
cache Update file headers.
config phpBB 3.1.5
contribution/style Switch over ColorizeIt helper to use package class.
controller [ticket/675] Fix undefined variable error.
cron/task Add missing parameter when constructing attachment object.
docs Move titania/ directory to root. God help us...
entity Handle package extraction in MOD/Ext tools with package class.
event Remove TITANIA_ROOT and PHP_EXT constants.
files Restore files directory that was accidentally left out when moving to…
includes phpBB 3.1.5
language Add missing language entry.
migrations [ticket/660] Do not attempt to get config object from DIC in migrations.
misc Fix issue with component .cfg files not being parsed.
store Add missing store/index.htm.
styles Add ability to install styles on demo from management page.
test Adding load schema for titania db
ucp Remove TITANIA_ROOT and PHP_EXT constants.
url Fix call to undefined method phpbb\titania\url\legacy\rerouter::has_p…
.gitignore Add .idea to .gitignore.
.gitmodules [task/testsuite] Add test suite to titania
.travis.yml Remove MichaelC as a recipient of notifications for the CDB travis bu… Remove *.com related codes, those are available on the phpbb-com bran…
common.php Remove TITANIA_ROOT and PHP_EXT constants.
composer.json Move titania/ directory to root. God help us...
composer.lock Update dependencies.
composer.phar Update Composer.
config.example.php Bump phpBB version.
display.php Add missing U_ALL_SUPPORT var.
ext.php Update file headers.


Titania is the Customisations Database


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