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This is the repository for both the website and the generator over at, opensourced on an Apache 2.0 license and open for anyone to contribute as they please


Fork, tweak & pull request.

Please follow PSR code formatting standards, and Symfony best practices and, in general, do what you see already done in the current code.

Running the project

Project is given with a generated environment.

Recommended installation is running a make init script: this will set up the app (bower install, composer install, etc) through docker and docker-compose commands.

  • Clone

  • Run make init - this will:

    • clean up caches
    • provision a cert using mkcert
    • create a hosts entry (phpdocker.local)
    • composer and bower install
    • ensure web assets are available
    • start up the environment
  • You can then head off to the /generator route.

This is an initial fail-safe set up and not always you need to run it, after it's done once you'll just need to do a good old docker-compose up -d.

Running the app on Windows is possible using Wsl2 and Docker. More info here: Docker Desktop WSL 2 backend. App will be available at https://localhost:10000/generator route.