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<div class="inner clearfix">
<section id="main-content">
<h1>Our Vision</h1>
- <h2 id="vision-who">Who</h2>
+ <h2 id="vision-who">Who?</h2>
<p>We are a formal, personal, long term, peer to peer mentorship organization focused on creating networks of skilled developers from all walks of life.</p>
<p>We are PHP developers first and foremost but that is not all we do, nor is it the only skill we intend to pass on to others.</p>
<p>We are mentors and apprentices, teachers and students, coaches, counselers and friends. We're not in this for profit but for the end result, a strong community of talented developers doing some fabulous work.</p>
<p>We give back to the community as much as we take, we build up not tear down, and above all we believe in "play nice" and "code well".</p>
- <h2 id="vision-what">What</h2>
+ <h2 id="vision-what">What?</h2>
<p>Mentorship is a personal developmental relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person.</p>
<p>Mentorship is more than just answering questions or providing help, it's about learning, communication, and interaction.</p>
@@ -33,15 +33,15 @@ <h2 id="vision-what">What</h2>
<p>Although short term, intensive mentorships can be useful for specific skills. We feel that the end result of a good mentorship is a healthy career in the long term. This means our mentorships should be a rich and ever changing career-long experience.</p>
<p>Although group mentorships work well at the beginning of a career, we feel the best "bang for your buck" comes from a face-to-face relationship.</p>
- <h2 id="vision-when">When</h2>
+ <h2 id="vision-when">When?</h2>
<p>The idea for a mentorship organization for technical communities is not a new one. However several people in the PHP community have been wanting a common place to come together with some basic rules and guidelines where people could connect with each other and get questions answered in a common way. Sometimes a little organization and beaurocracy makes things that were previously difficult much easier. Our goal is a community where we can easily match mentors and apprentices, where we guide mentorships, and where sets of rules can help with problems.</p>
- <h2 id="vision-where">Where</h2>
+ <h2 id="vision-where">Where?</h2>
<p>We communicate in various ways - from a google groups mailing list to an irc channel, wikis and example code directories on github, and our website. We also encourage face-to-face interaction - through user groups, meetups, conferences and other methods. We use technology to help connect people around the globe. Communication is the key to any good relationship.</p>
- <h2 id="vision-why">Why</h2>
+ <h2 id="vision-why"><a href="why-mentor.html">Why?</a></h2>
<p>Mentoring is great for your career. It provides:</p>
@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ <h2 id="vision-why">Why</h2>
<li>Intangibles - humans want to do things that make us feel good, from giving back knowledge received as an apprentice to a new apprentice or just helping someone with a problem</li>
- <h2 id="vision-how">How</h2>
+ <h2 id="vision-how">How?</h2>
<h3>Want to become part of the vision?</h3>
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