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@@ -2525,7 +2525,7 @@ A utility method to prefix the value with the prefix setting for phpredis.
If a prefix is set up, the value now prefixed. If there is no prefix, the value will be returned unchanged.
##### Examples
-$redis->setOpt(Redis::OPT_PREFIX, 'my-prefix:');
+$redis->setOption(Redis::OPT_PREFIX, 'my-prefix:');
$redis->_prefix('my-value'); // Will return 'my-prefix:my-value'
@@ -2538,7 +2538,7 @@ This can be useful if phpredis is serializing values, and you return something f
*value* string. The value to be unserialized
##### Examples
-$redis->setOpt(Redis::OPT_SERIALIZER, Redis::SERIALIZER_PHP);
+$redis->setOption(Redis::OPT_SERIALIZER, Redis::SERIALIZER_PHP);
$redis->_unserialize('a:3:{i:0;i:1;i:1;i:2;i:2;i:3;}'); // Will return Array(1,2,3)

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