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phpVirtualBox is from 2017 maintained by Smart Guide Pty Ltd (tudor at smartguide dot com dot au)

with support from various contributors (see

Originally Copyright (C) 2015 Ian Moore (imoore76 at yahoo dot com)


All files of this program (phpVirtualBox) are distributed under the terms contained in the LICENSE.txt file in this folder unless otherwise specified in an individual source file. By using this software, you are agreeing to the terms contained therein. If you have not received and read the license file, or do not agree with its conditions, please cease using this software immediately and remove any copies you may have in your possession.

Installation from Zip file

  1. Download zip file from GitHub project site:

  2. Unzip the zipfile into a folder accessible by your web server

  3. Rename config.php-example to config.php and edit as needed.

Read the wiki for more information :

Post installation

Default login is username: admin password: admin

Please report bugs / feature requests to GitHub

Password Recovery

Rename the file recovery.php-disabled to recovery.php, navigate to it in your web browser, and follow the instructions presented.

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