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- hosts: newservers
- ubuntu_release: lucid
- logwatch_email:
- deploy_password: '$6$AC3bdCF7!$rVroC3j8Ue5M2sEsJeXOzfztBNaBzKEiOzfkOSpqDHjcDDLP65dSRlUeHSir9JiC1k6AAWS2lYHJzmuxbojz0/'
# crypted password, generated on a Linux box using: echo 'import crypt,getpass; print crypt.crypt(getpass.getpass(), "$6$AC3bdCF7!")' | python -
- name: Update APT package cache
action: apt update_cache=yes
- name: Run apt-get upgrade
action: command apt-get upgrade
- name: Install fail2ban
action: apt pkg=fail2ban state=installed
- name: Add deployment user
action: user name=deploy password=$deploy_password
- name: Add authorized deploy key for Fred
action: authorized_key user=deploy key='$FILE('
- name: Remove sudo group rights
action: lineinfile dest=/etc/sudoers regexp="^%sudo" state=absent
- name: Add deploy user to sudoers
action: lineinfile dest=/etc/sudoers regexp="deploy ALL" line="deploy ALL=(ALL) ALL" state=present
- name: Disallow root SSH access
action: lineinfile dest=/etc/ssh/sshd_config regexp="^PermitRootLogin" line="PermitRootLogin no" state=present
notify: Restart sshd
- name: Disallow password authentication
action: lineinfile dest=/etc/ssh/sshd_config regexp="^PasswordAuthentication" line="PasswordAuthentication no" state=present
notify: Restart sshd
- name: Install unattended-upgrades
action: apt pkg=unattended-upgrades state=present
- name: Adjust APT update intervals
action: copy src=config/apt_periodic dest=/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/10periodic
- name: Make sure unattended-upgrades only installs from $ubuntu_release-security
action: lineinfile dest=/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades regexp="$ubuntu_release-updates" state=absent
- name: Copy debconf selections so that Postfix can configure itself non-interactively
copy: src=config/postfix_selections dest=/tmp/postfix_selections
- name: Set up Postfix to relay mail
action: command debconf-set-selections /tmp/postfix_selections
- name: Install logwatch
action: apt pkg=logwatch state=installed
- name: Make logwatch mail $logwatch_email daily
action: lineinfile dest=/etc/cron.daily/00logwatch regexp="^/usr/sbin/logwatch" line="/usr/sbin/logwatch --output mail --mailto $logwatch_email --detail high" state=present create=yes
- name: Restart sshd
action: service name=sshd state=restarted