Scripts for installing IOTA ICT
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CHANGELOG Updated to work with ict 0.4 Jan 14, 2019 Update Jan 2, 2019 updated to new java and gradle versions Jan 17, 2019 install java 11 Jan 17, 2019


Scripts for installing IOTA ICT (current omegan version) on linux.

BUILD install


sudo ./ BUILD "<name> (ict-<number>)" to build and run ict from the current src at github (including prereleases and snapshots). This also builds and runs Report.ixi and builds and installs (but does not run) chat.ixi.

In order to start chat.ixi run: sudo systemctl start ict_chat-ixi Username and password are configured in /home/ict/config/chat.ixi.cfg.

The option "Nick (ict-0)" is needed by Report.ixi. If not provided the install script will ask for it at a later point. The naming convention is: "<name> (ict-<number>)" where name is your nickname on discord and number is the number of your ict.

RELEASE install

Run: sudo ./ RELEASE nodename to download and run the latest binary release from github.

nodename can be left blank.

It will:

  • Install required dependencies (Oracle Java8 JDK)
  • Add an user "ict"
  • Download and compile the omegas ICT code in /home/ict/omega-ict
  • Generate a run script
  • Import settings from old (has to be located in /home/ict/config/
  • Generate a systemd service
  • Generate a cronjob restarting ICT every night
  • Start the ICT service

Tested on:

  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
  • Kali (rolling)
  • Debian 9
  • Raspbian 9
  • OpenHabianPi
  • Amazon Linux release 2 (Karoo)

Troubleshooting Guide

Some common errors encountered when starting ict.

Error starting Report.ixi

If the ict_report-ixi-service starts with the following error:

INFO [main/ReportIxi] Can't connect to Ict 'ict'. Make sure that the Ict Client is running. Check 'ictName' in report.ixi.cfg and 'ixi_enabled=true' in ict.cfg.

the solution may be simply restarting the services, as in (as root):

systemctl stop ict_report-ixi.service ; systemctl restart ict ; sleep 1; systemctl start ict_report-ixi.service ; journalctl -f _UID=$(id -u ict)


This error is usually due to an invalid entry in the file. e.g. neighborCHost = ?.?.?.? is not a valid hostname.

Make sure you only use valid hostnames or ip addresses.

Sometimes this error is caused by trailing white spaces in the hostname.


Address already in use (Bind failed) This error occurs when ICT is started while another process already is using the port specified in the file. Usually this may be another instance of ICT or IRI.

Check for processes running on port 14265 by running: sudo netstat -ntalpu | grep 14265


This error may occure after ICT has been running for some time. While ICT is running the internal representation of the ICT tangle keeps growing. (Local snapshots have not been implemented, yet.) You can avoid this error by restarting ICT on a regular basis.

Multiple IP addresses

If your ICT node has multiple IP addresses, e.g.

  • multiple network interface
  • IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack
  • multiple stateless IPv6 addresses assigned the node may use a different IP address for sending transactions than for receiving transactions.

Your neighbours won´t recognize your transactions then, since they seem to be coming from an unknown IP address. Make sure your outgoing traffic is using the same IP address your neighbours have configured in their file.

You can check your traffic by running sudo tcpdump -vv -n -i any port 14265