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Expand self-closing tags in HTML
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pHTML Self Closing pHTML

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pHTML Self Closing lets you use self-closing tags in HTML.

<div><div class="main"/></div>
<template><slot name="title"/></template>

<!-- becomes -->

<div><div class="main"></div></div>
<template><slot name="title"></slot></template>

Note: The <script> and <style> tags are ignored.


Transform HTML files directly from the command line:

npx phtml source.html output.html -p @phtml/self-closing


Add pHTML Self Closing to your project:

npm install @phtml/self-closing --save-dev

Use pHTML Self Closing to process your HTML:

const phtmlSelfClosing = require('@phtml/self-closing');

phtmlSelfClosing.process(YOUR_HTML /*, processOptions, pluginOptions */);

Or use it as a pHTML plugin:

const phtml = require('phtml');
const phtmlSelfClosing = require('@phtml/self-closing');

  phtmlSelfClosing(/* pluginOptions */)
]).process(YOUR_HTML /*, processOptions */);

pHTML Self Closing runs in all Node environments, with special instructions for:

Node CLI Eleventy Gulp Grunt



The ignore option defines self-closing elements that will not be expanded.

phtmlSelfClosing({ ignore: 'a' });

<!-- becomes -->


The ignore option accepts a string or an array of strings.

phtmlSelfClosing({ ignore: ['a', 'custom-element'] });

<!-- becomes -->

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