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Yii 1.1 and Yii 2.0 Application Foundation


Version 3.0.24

What is it?

Phundament is a solid, highly customizable universal application foundation built with composer upon Yii Framework.

It's goal is the seamless integration of Yii extensions and libraries bundled in composer packages packages. Read on…

If you're looking for the Yii 2 version of Phundament please visit our 4.0.x-dev branch.


Step 1

Option A) If you have composer already installed

composer.phar create-project phundament/app:3.* app-v3

Option B) Download, extract, enter the app root folder and start the installation process with

php composer.phar create-project

When asked, create local configuration files and choose your environment.

Step 2

Apply the database migrations and enter your desired admin credentials.

cd app-v3
app/yiic migrate

Step 3

Open http://localhost/my-app/www/index.php in your browser

Manage your application

You may add the --no-dev option for production systems or use --prefer-source if you want to develop packages.

Note: if you want to install Phundament 3 with a MySQL database, you have to update your config first, see the Setup section in our wiki.



  • Try a test-drive at the Demo Page
    • Login with admin / admin. The demo website will be resetted every 6 hours.


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