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12factor PHP Application Template for Yii 2.0 Framework
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Phundament 4

Please note: This is a beta version.

Phundament is a 12factor PHP application template for Yii Framework 2.0.

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Checkout the Phundament Playground Application Demo!

You can get the source-code of the demo application from its GitHub repository.


Composer installation

You can install Phundament 4 using composer...

composer global require "fxp/composer-asset-plugin:1.0.0"
composer create-project --stability=beta phundament/app myapp

Create and adjust your environment configuration, eg. add a database...

cd myapp
cp .env-dist .env
edit .env

Run the application setup...

./yii app/setup

Open http://path-to-app/web or http://path-to-app/web?r=admin in your browser.

Docker installation

Note: docker-compose was originally named fig and is available here.

First pull the latest version of the container image

docker pull phundament/app

Create your application folder

mkdir myapp
cd myapp

And copy the source code from the image

docker run -v `pwd`:/install phundament/app:4.0-development cp -r /app/. /install

Now you can start your application by bringing up the web service

docker-compose up web

If you're running a reverse proxy container you can acces the application under Or check the container port with docker-compose ps.

Note: Further installation methods with Docker, fig (docker-compose), Vagrant & Docker or PaaS are available in the documentation.


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