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[RELEASE] Pi-hole Web Admin 2.3.1


Pi-hole Admin Dashboard

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Using AdminLTE, this project will create a Web interface for the ad-blocking Pi-hole: a black hole for Internet advertisements.

From this interface, you will be able to see stats on how well your Pi-hole is performing. You will also be able to update the lists used to block ads.

Pi-hole Web interface Fully responsive


A read-only API can be accessed at /admin/api.php. With either no parameters or api.php?summary it returns the following JSON:

    "domains_being_blocked": "136,708",
    "dns_queries_today": "18,108",
    "ads_blocked_today": "14,648",
    "ads_percentage_today": "80.9"

There are many more parameters, such as summaryRaw, overTimeData, topItems, recentItems, getQueryTypes, getForwardDestinations, getQuerySources, and finally getAllQueries.

getAllQueries can optionally be set with one of these values to return JSON hash ordered as value implies: orderByClientDomainTime, orderByClientTimeDomain, orderByTimeClientDomain, orderByTimeDomainClient, orderByDomainClientTime or orderByDomainTimeClient.