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Program Extraction for Mutable Arrays

By Kazuhiko Sakaguchi

This repository provides a novel, lightweight, and axiom-free method for verification and extraction of efficient effectful programs which use mutable arrays. Our method consists of the following three parts:

  • Improved Extraction Plugin for Coq (see coq-mod submodule)
  • Modified Mathematical Components (MathComp) Library (see math-comp-mod submodule)
  • Small Monadic DSL for Mutable Array Programming --- The Array State Monad (see theories/marray/)


  • OPAM, OCaml 4.07.0+flambda, Camlp5, Ocamlbuild and ocamlfind
  • tmux and zsh (for benchmark tools and build scripts)

Following materials are also required, but included as submodules or automatically downloaded by the build script.

How to Build

$ ./build-base
Coq, MathComp and the regular language library will be rebuilt. Do you want to continue? [yes/no] YES
$ ./build


  • Kazuhiko Sakaguchi. Program Extraction for Mutable Arrays. FLOPS 2018.
  • Kazuhiko Sakaguchi and Yukiyoshi Kameyama. Efficient Finite-Domain Function Library for the Coq Proof Assistant. IPSJ Transactions on Programming, Vol 10, No 1, pp. 14-28, 2017.
  • 坂口和彦 (2016)「Coq による定理証明 2016.12」 Tsukuba Coq Users' Group. (web page)
  • 坂口和彦 (2015)「Coq による定理証明 2015.12」 Tsukuba Coq Users' Group. (web page)