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Pre-built Netzke widgets for your RIA

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Netzke Basepack

A pack of pre-built Netzke components - such as grid, form, tab panel, etc.


  • Ruby 1.9.2 (1.8.7 may work, too)
  • Rails >= 3.0.0
  • Ext JS = 4.0.2a


In your Gemfile:

gem 'netzke-basepack'

For the "edge" stuff, tell bundler to get the gem straight from GitHub:

gem 'netzke-basepack', :git => "git://"


Embed a basepack component into a view as any other Netzke component, e.g.:

<%= netzke :books, :class_name => 'Netzke::Basepack::GridPanel', :model => 'Book' %>

For more examples, see, and look into test/basepack_test_app.

Testing and playing with Netzke Basepack

Netzke Basepack is bundled with Cucumber and RSpec tests. If you would like to contribute to the project, you may want to learn how to run the tests.

Besides, the bundled test application is a convenient playground for those who search to experiment with the framework.

After starting up the test app, you can see the list of functional test components on the index page (along with links to the source code):


Icons support

Netzke Basepack can make use of FamFamFam Silk icon set ( To enable this, download the icons and put the "icons" folder into your app's public/images folder. Then restart your application.

Ext 3 support

Versions 0.6.x are for you if you're using Ext 3 (hardly maintained)

Rails 2 support

With Rails 2 (and Ext 3 only), use versions 0.5.x (not maintained)

More info

Official project site:


Many (if a bit outdated) tutorials:

Copyright (c) 2008-2011 NomadCoder, released under the MIT license Note, that Ext JS itself is licensed differently

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