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pmacct System V initscript

This script is aimed to manage multiple instances of pmacct daemons ( by Paolo Lucente)

For each daemon (pmacctd|nfacctd|sfacctd|uacctd), one or more instances may be managed; instances are mapped one-to-one to configuration files that are in the $CONFIG_DIR directory (/etc/pmacct by default). Configuration files' names must follow this schema:


An instance's name is composed by the name of the daemon + "." + an optional instance ID; if the instance ID is omitted the "default" ID is used.


pmacctd.conf ---> daemon = pmacctd, instance = "pmacctd.default"

pmacctd.2.conf -> daemon = pmacctd, instance = "pmacctd.2"

nfacctd.1.conf -> daemon = nfacctd, instance = "nfacctd.1"

The second argument of this script may be used to selectively start/stop a single instance; if omitted, all the instances are started/stopped:


/etc/init.d/pmacct start pmacctd.default

service pmacct stop nfacctd.1

Daemons are started with -D option (Daemonize) and with -F option (PID file) pointing to $PIDDIR/<instance_id> (PIDDIR default to /var/run/pmacct). It's safe to avoid using the "pidfile" and "daemonize" keys in the configuration file.