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Remember playing Risk when you were a kid? What if you could recreate the feeling of excitement mixed with the frustration when the dice roll a bunch of 1s? Look no further — Mirrorisk is your (not) favorite board game, as a video game, playable right here in the browser. Except it's not exactly how you remember it.

Play the board game classic on a weirdly familiar yet uncomfortable map of the Mirrored Earth. West is East and East is West in this virtual cardboard rendition of the 1957 Risk. The rules have changed, too: the game ends the first time a player is eliminated, so be sure to protect the underdogs before you take the lead!

Mirrorisk is a submission to Gamedev.js 2021 Jam. The theme of the jam was mirror.



New Features

  • Added the UI to configure the game.
    • You can now choose between 2 and 5 players, pick team colors and names.
    • It's now possible to play a hot seat game with other people.
    • It's also possible to host an AI-only game.
  • Added support for touch interfaces. The UI is optimized for tablets; mobile form-factors are not supported.
  • You can now end the deployment phase before deploying all units.

Bug fixes and other improvements

  • Optimized textures to reduce the size of the game from 24 MB to 10 MB.
  • Optimized spatial audio panners for much better performance in the late game when there are many units on the board.
  • Fixed the freeze that happened when the user misclicked on another unit when giving orders to an army.
  • Fixed issues with the mouse wheel which zoomed the game and scrolled the parent page at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug which caused accidental deploys when the user clicked buttons in the UI.
  • Fixed the singular forms of nouns like army and territory, when the count is 1.

v1.0 (The jam version)



Risk is based on Goodluck, a hackable template for creating small and fast browser games.

Running Locally

To run locally, install the dependencies and start the local dev server:

npm install
npm start

Then, open http://localhost:1234 in the browser.

In VS Code, Ctrl+Shift+B will show the available build tasks, including npm start, and F5 will open the browser.


To produce the optimized build, use the Makefile in play/.

make -C play


The Risk board game like you don't remember it from childhood. A Submission to Gamdev.js 2021 Jam







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