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Get all news on AngularJs from Hackernews, Github in one single page
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AngularJS One

AngularJS One goal is to get all the news from your favorites ressources (HackerNews, Github ) directly into one single page. It's all written in AngularJS 1.5.1 right now and it's getting news about angularjs.

It has all been written within a day as a side project [@Orson] (

News feed

We use all the public API using JSONP callback so it's working directly from the client.

Github Documentation

Hackernews provide a super fast and nice API with Algolia [Documentation] (

If you want to search something else than "AngularJS", you just need to change

var searchQuery = "angularjs";

Job board

We wanted to have a job board and we use Google Drive Spreedsheet as a database even if we wanted to try out the new Firebase. It was much faster to use Google Spreedsheet.

Just need to create a [Google Form] ( with a Google Spreedsheet linked for the responses and make it public (File > Publish for the web > Entire Document) and magic! You can now access publicly to the Spreedsheet datas throught SHEET ID /1/public/values?alt=json

[Source:] (


  • Angularjs 1.5.1
  • Bootstrap 3.3.6 / LESS
  • Jquery 2.2.2

Enjoy, Love and Share ✌🏼!

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