Pilau Base is a simple WordPress framework (parent theme) - intended for use with the Pilau Starter child theme.
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Pilau Base

Pilau is a suite of tools for creating custom WordPress sites created by developers working with the agency Public Life. It's heavily focused on client work there, and is designed as a bare-bones starting point for our projects. However, we're very happy if anyone finds our work of use! If you feel like contributing, even better.

Pilau theming is split into a parent theme (Base) and a child theme (Starter) so that things like security measures and basic functions in Base can be easily updated across sites. It's a parent theme rather than a plugin because Starter's dependency on it is thus easier to enforce.

There's also a number of Pilau WordPress plugins.

For more information, check out the wiki.

Pilau uses code and inspiration from the following projects: