Process control for supervise/runsv (daemontools/runit) services
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Copyright (c) 2010, 2011 Qualys, Inc.

Copyright (c) 2008 - 2010 Nemean Networks, LLC.

= Overview

+svdir+ is a Ruby interface to the "service directory" style of robust daemon
process supervision introducted in Dan Bernstein's +daemontools+ software and
compatibly extended in Gerit Pape's +runit+ package.

It exposes a programmatic interface to reliably starting, stopping, signalling
and interrogating services all implemented directly -- no need to shell out to
separate utilities.  See the documentation for Sys::Sv::SvDir for complete

More information on +daemontools+ is available at  More information on +runit+ is available at

== Example

The <tt>example/</tt> subdirectory in the source distribution contains a
demonstration program which a system adminstrator might use to control daemons.

Typical programmatic use of this software might look like this:

    #! /usr/bin/env ruby

    require 'sys/sv/svdir'
    include Sys::Sv

    # shut down all daemons running under /service
    Dir["/service"].each do |svpath|
      s =

      # force the .../log to shut down, ignoring services without loggers
      s.log.signal(:exit) rescue nil

      pid =
      if pid != 0
        puts "Told #{s.path} (pid #{pid}) to exit"

= Installation

Look for the gem on

`rake package` will build a .gem under pkg/, and `rake rdoc` will
generate module documentation.

`rake test` and `rake rcov` will give a good idea of where the code is.

= To Do

* Further testing
  - log()
  - TAI64 testing

* Possible extensions
  - <tt> &block</tt> - persist StatusBytes object for block?
  - <tt>normally_down!</tt> and <tt>normally_up!</tt>

= Author

Mike Pomraning ("mpomraning" at "qualys" dot "com")