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import re
from creole import Parser
from pygments import highlight
from pygments.formatters import HtmlFormatter
from pygments.lexers import get_lexer_by_name, TextLexer
from pygments.util import ClassNotFound
from biblion.models import Image
class Rules:
# For the link targets:
proto = r'http|https|ftp|nntp|news|mailto|telnet|file|irc'
extern = r'(?P<extern_addr>(?P<extern_proto>%s):.*)' % proto
interwiki = r'''
(?P<inter_wiki> [A-Z][a-zA-Z]+ ) :
(?P<inter_page> .* )
class HtmlEmitter(object):
Generate HTML output for the document
tree consisting of DocNodes.
addr_re = re.compile('|'.join([
]), re.X | re.U) # for addresses
def __init__(self, root):
self.root = root
def get_text(self, node):
"""Try to emit whatever text is in the node."""
return node.children[0].content or ''
return node.content or ''
def html_escape(self, text):
return text.replace('&', '&amp;').replace('<', '&lt;').replace('>', '&gt;')
def attr_escape(self, text):
return self.html_escape(text).replace('"', '&quot')
# *_emit methods for emitting nodes of the document
def document_emit(self, node):
return self.emit_children(node)
def text_emit(self, node):
return self.html_escape(node.content)
def separator_emit(self, node):
return u'<hr>';
def paragraph_emit(self, node):
return u'<p>%s</p>\n' % self.emit_children(node)
def bullet_list_emit(self, node):
return u'<ul>\n%s</ul>\n' % self.emit_children(node)
def number_list_emit(self, node):
return u'<ol>\n%s</ol>\n' % self.emit_children(node)
def list_item_emit(self, node):
return u'<li>%s</li>\n' % self.emit_children(node)
def table_emit(self, node):
return u'<table>\n%s</table>\n' % self.emit_children(node)
def table_row_emit(self, node):
return u'<tr>%s</tr>\n' % self.emit_children(node)
def table_cell_emit(self, node):
return u'<td>%s</td>' % self.emit_children(node)
def table_head_emit(self, node):
return u'<th>%s</th>' % self.emit_children(node)
def emphasis_emit(self, node):
return u'<i>%s</i>' % self.emit_children(node)
def strong_emit(self, node):
return u'<b>%s</b>' % self.emit_children(node)
def header_emit(self, node):
return u'<h%d>%s</h%d>\n' % (
node.level, self.html_escape(node.content), node.level)
def code_emit(self, node):
return u'<tt>%s</tt>' % self.html_escape(node.content)
def link_emit(self, node):
target = node.content
if node.children:
inside = self.emit_children(node)
inside = self.html_escape(target)
m = self.addr_re.match(target)
if m:
return u'<a href="%s">%s</a>' % (
self.attr_escape(target), inside)
raise NotImplementedError
return u'<a href="%s">%s</a>' % (
self.attr_escape(target), inside)
def image_emit(self, node):
target = node.content
text = self.get_text(node)
m = self.addr_re.match(target)
if m:
return u'<img src="%s" alt="%s">' % (
self.attr_escape(target), self.attr_escape(text))
raise NotImplementedError
return u'<img src="%s" alt="%s">' % (
self.attr_escape(target), self.attr_escape(text))
def macro_emit(self, node):
raise NotImplementedError
def break_emit(self, node):
return u"<br>"
def preformatted_emit(self, node):
return u"<pre>%s</pre>" % self.html_escape(node.content)
def default_emit(self, node):
"""Fallback function for emitting unknown nodes."""
raise TypeError
def emit_children(self, node):
"""Emit all the children of a node."""
return u''.join([self.emit_node(child) for child in node.children])
def emit_node(self, node):
"""Emit a single node."""
emit = getattr(self, '%s_emit' % node.kind, self.default_emit)
return emit(node)
def emit(self):
"""Emit the document represented by self.root DOM tree."""
return self.emit_node(self.root)
class PygmentsHtmlEmitter(HtmlEmitter):
def preformatted_emit(self, node):
content = node.content
lines = content.split("\n")
if lines[0].startswith("#!code"):
lexer_name = lines[0].split()[1]
del lines[0]
lexer_name = None
content = "\n".join(lines)
lexer = get_lexer_by_name(lexer_name)
except ClassNotFound:
lexer = TextLexer()
return highlight(content, lexer, HtmlFormatter(cssclass="syntax")).strip()
class ImageLookupHtmlEmitter(HtmlEmitter):
def image_emit(self, node):
target = node.content
if not re.match(r"^\d+$", target):
return super(ImageLookupHtmlEmitter, self).image_emit(node)
image = Image.objects.get(pk=int(target))
except Image.DoesNotExist:
# @@@ do something better here
return u""
return u"<img src=\"%s\" />" % (image.image_path.url,)
class BiblionHtmlEmitter(PygmentsHtmlEmitter, ImageLookupHtmlEmitter):
def parse(text, emitter=BiblionHtmlEmitter):
return emitter(Parser(text).parse()).emit()
def parse_with_highlighting(text, emitter=PygmentsHtmlEmitter):
return parse(text, emitter=emitter)
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