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Quick Command-line File Completion


qfc is a shell auto-complete alternative which features real-time multi-directories matching: It provides results while you type against files in the current directory and its sub-directories. This is useful, to avoid the burden of writing the whole path whenever you want to cd or vim a file, which is frequent especially if you use the terminal as your IDE(The terminal is the best IDE, remember! :-) ).


  • Real-time matching: Results are displayed while you type.
  • Multi-directories && Context relevant matching: if you're in a cvs(git,mercurial) managed directory, qfc will matches against your tracked(or new) files only. This is very useful to avoid 10000+ of dependency files cluttering up the results. for unmanaged dirs, qfc looks for unhidden files up to a maximum depth(set to 3).
  • Enhanced Filtering/Sorting of matches.
  • No dependencies.



  • git clone https://github.com/pindexis/qfc $HOME/.qfc
  • Add the following line to your *rc (.zshrc, .bashrc, .bash_profile in OSX):
    [[ -s "$HOME/.qfc/bin/qfc.sh" ]] && source "$HOME/.qfc/bin/qfc.sh"


  • Ctrl-f : complete the word under cursor using qfc
  • while qfc is open:
    • TAB: Append the selected match to the current path.
    • ENTER: Append the selected match to the current path and returns the result.
    • Ctrl-f: Returns the current path.
    • Arrow keys: Navigation between files.

Even more Productivity:

If you're using zshell or Bash 4.3+, You can combine qfc with commands you frequently use to get one key-stroke experience. For example, I have the following lines in my .zshrc:

qfc_quick_command 'cd' '\C-b' 'cd $0'
qfc_quick_command 'vim' '\C-p' 'vim $0'

This allows me to switch directories by just pressing Ctrl-b(or editing a file by pressing Ctrl-p). qfc

qfc_quick_command expects an id, a shortcut, and a command with $0 placeholder(which will be replaced with the completion path).
It's recommended to choose a 2-5 length letters only id(else you may encounter issues).
Also, be careful with what keyboard shortcuts to choose(mapping some keys can prevent the terminal from working correctly).