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* complete and implement the SPEC
* Visual mode
* pineapple.h uses one set of typedefs for uint8_t, etc, and
hvl_replay.h uses a slightly different one. lets go with one
or the other.
* the songeditor needs to scroll horizontally for tunes with more than
four channels!!
* make the sampling rate not affect the pitch of notes
* regulate framerate with SDL timer to use less CPU???
* perhaps ncurses has some sort of timer...i know caca does...
* .pineapplerc
Ability to configure:
* colorschemes
* initial/default step value?
* JACK driver
* gui.c => ncurses_ui.c
* port gui to libcaca?
* rainbow decibel meters on each track like AHX tracker
* stylize hvl_replay.*, needs proper indent levels, whitespace removal
* '-' will delete notes in tracktab for some reason, but this is actually
useful, so I think we should keep it. However, it should work in
song and instrument tabs too.
* '.' doesn't work with insert/replace
* backspace doesn't work on some computers
* yj and yk only work in track tab.
* from normal mode, press Vv, then exit visual mode with <esc> or v. the cursor moves left... why?
* M still acts weird if you are ^e'd down in a column
* sound doesn't always stop at the end of a song
* tempo gets really fast if you set it too low... and weird things happen if
you set it too high as well.
* speed of vibrato, arpeggio, slide, faster than when we were running at 16khz
* If you press any of the arrow keys, the current instrument decreases, and it
also acts like you pressed the escape key!
* ui doesn't update after pressing the first key of a two-key command like yy
* tried a threading solution. didn't work like expected. -nik
* sound is REALLY wonky on amd64
* something is weird about the '@' command, sometimes it makes the program freeze, and
when it doesnt make the program freeze, it doesnt loop right.