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PROT Project

PROT's Master Node Project breaks away from the existing crytocurrency’s weakness of excessive source consumption from mining and power structure concentrated on some of mining group. This cryptocurrency platform is development under the goal of fair distribution proportional to holding coins and complete decentralization. PROT provides mining reward for users holding coins without POW. So, anyone with PROT receive additional reward every day. PROT project goes beyond the Master Node, POS-based crytocrruency. Instead it pursues a complete mobile platform to become safe and easy cryptocurrency for everyone.

Coin Specs

Block Size2MB
Block Time60 Seconds
Premine12,000,000 PROT

Coin Reward Table

PhaseBlock HeightRewardMasterNode,POS REWARDGovernance RESERVE
Phase 11001-432995 PROT4.5 PROT0.5 PROT
Phase 243300-8649910 PROT9 PROT1 PROT
Phase 386500-12969915 PROT13.5 PROT1.5 PROT
Phase 4129700-17289920 PROT18 PROT 2 PROT
Phase 5172900-21609925 PROT22.5 PROT 2.5 PROT
Phase 6216100-25929930 PROT27 PROT3 PROT
Phase 7259300-34569820 PROT18 PROT2 PROT
Phase 8345699-43209815 PROT13.5 PROT 1.5 PROT
Phase 9532099-51849810 PROT9 PROT1 PROT
Phase 10518499-10368878 PROT7.2 PROT0.8 PROT
Phase 111036888-168048886 PROT 5.4 PROT0.6 PROT


Everyone is encouraged to contribute. This project generally follows Bitcoin Core's development process, with more specific information coming soon about workflow.


KEYCO Core is released under the terms of the MIT license. See COPYING for more information or see

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Want to more get information about PROT?
⭐️Kakao Talk | ⭐️Discord | ⭐️Twitter | ⭐️Reddit | ⭐️Facebook | ⭐️Official Website

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