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A tool used to collect and merge tidb's binlog for real-time data backup and synchronization.
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TiDB-Binlog introduction

TiDB-Binlog is a tool used to collect TiDB's binary logs with the following features:

  • Data replication

    Synchronize data from the TiDB cluster to heterogeneous databases.

  • Real-time backup and recovery

    Backup the TiDB cluster into the Dump file and it can be used for recovery.

  • Multiple output format

    Support MySQL, Dump file, etc.

  • History replay

    Replay from any history point.




Service list


Pump is a daemon that receives real-time binlogs from tidb-server and writes in sequential disk files synchronously.


Drainer collects binlogs from each Pump in the cluster, transforms binlogs to various dialects of SQL, and applies to the downstream database or filesystem.

How to build

To check the code style and build binaries, you can simply run:

make build   # build all components

If you only want to build binaries, you can run:

make pump  # build pump

make drainer  # build drainer

When TiDB-Binlog is built successfully, you can find the binary in the bin directory.

Run Test

Run all tests, including unit test and integration test

make test

See tests for how to execute and add integration tests.


The recommended startup sequence: PD -> TiKV -> Pump -> TiDB -> Drainer

The best way to install TiDB-Binlog is via TiDB-Binlog-Ansible


Here's a tutorial to experiment with TiDB-Binlog (not for production use).

Config File


Contributions are welcomed and greatly appreciated. See for details on submitting patches and the contribution workflow.


TiDB-Binlog is under the Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file for details.

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