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How to build a simple,secure,private webcam with webRTC

using 's IoT toolkit.

Code and docs backing up the talk given by @steely-glint


backgrounder video at:

THIS IS STILL a WORK IN PROGRESS issues/PRs are very welcome


Use our API and device agent software to make a webcam with

  • end-to-end encryption
  • low running costs
  • simple setup
  • no open ports
  • accessable from a smartphone browser
  • no passwords
  • works on 3g, 4g, wifi etc.


  • 1x Raspberry Pi
  • 1x Raspberry Pi camera
  • 1x micro sd card 8GB or larger
  • 1x or more WebRTC compatible browsers
  • Around 30 mins to 1hr

The beta software (and associated intellectual property) is licensed for a single Pi and not for re-distribuiton or re-use.


  1. Build the pi plug all the bits together - soldering is required for the tft
  2. setup the OS
  • download a recent copy of Raspberry Pi OS lite
  • put it on an sd card
  • ssh into the new device (or plugin a mouse/kbd) (note you may need to add a 'wpa_supplicant.conf' and 'ssh' file in /boot to enable wifi/ssh on first boot) ssh pi@raspberrypi.local (assuming you only have one)
  • run sudo raspi-config -
    • rename the device,
    • enable the camera,
    • change the password,
    • setup the wifi,
    • disable VNC
    • enable ssh
  • reboot
  • log back in - with the new password...
  • download the install script wget
  • run the install script (which may take a while) sh -x
  • This takes quite a while (>10 mins depending on your internet/pi/sdcard)
  • Once everything is installed you should see a QR code displayed
  • scan it with your iphone camera or android phone
  • open the url in chrome or safari
  • you should see pairing messages and then a live stream on your phone.
  • now reboot the pi - the PipeCam software should restart automatically
  • your live stream is available to your phone via


If you want to access the webcam from a different computer or smartphone, you can do a lend/borrow transaction.

  • On the device you used to claim the pi, browse to
  • Select lend your device
  • Select the period you want to lend access for
  • Have the other user scan the resulting QR
  • They will now have access
  • This Eval version supports only one viewer at a time

Tightening up:

  • check for open ports netstat -lnt -remove associated software or enable a firewall .
  • other....


A simple, secure, private webcam for a Raspberry Pi




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