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Android TV frontend for VDR
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roboTV is a Android TV based frontend for VDR. Now you can use your Android TV Box (or your TV running Android) to stream LiveTV channels from your VDR backend (robotv-plugin must be installed).


System requirements

The Google Nexus Player and the NVIDIA Shield Android TV are used for development.

Server Deployment

The roboTV server (VDR, plugins, configuration) can be deployed easily with the "robotv-server" docker image:


  1. Download Android Studio
  2. Download the Android NDK 12 (or higher).
  3. Set the SDK and NDK location in Android Studio (Project Structure) or "".
  4. ./gradlew assembleDebug

Current Features

  • Watching Live TV
  • Channel Icons
  • EPG
  • H264 Video support
  • MPEG2 Video support
  • decoding of AC3 streams
  • EAC3 support
  • MPEG Audio support
  • Movie Database integration for EPG
  • AC3 passthrough
  • Watch Recordings
  • Timeshift support
  • Schedule Recordings (create timers)
  • Edit timers
  • Delete recordings
  • Move recordings between folders
  • Cover Artwork browsing
  • Timeshift Reverse Play
  • Management of TV shows (Season / Episode)
  • Notifications about timers / recordings
  • H265 (UHD) Support (VDR 2.3.x)

Planned Features

  • enriched EPG information for TV shows
  • full epgsearch support
  • Teletext support
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