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Visual IDE for composing Solidity smart contracts and Dapp agents. Use on : Settings -> Plugin -> click on Pipeline
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The project is in development. Not safe for production use.


Use on (new design) or Activate Pipeline from the plugins section.



  • SVG-based graph library, enabling the user to create smart contracts and JavaScript scripts visually, by dragging and dropping function components and connecting inputs and outputs.
  • graph components can be: Solidity functions and events, OpenAPI schemas for an HTTP endpoint and (soon) JavaScript functions
  • running the Pipeline-created JS scripts right in the browser
  • ContractFinder:
    • has 4000+ contracts deployed on Mainnet, Ropsten, Rinkeby, Kovan
    • browsable and searchable by contract name, tags and project name
    • data models closely follow EthPM v2. schema
    • import and export EthPM packages
    • see ContractFinder docs for more information and our plans to make it a standalone Remix plugin

Video Guides


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