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Welcome to the Domoticz-Zigate wiki!

We try through this wiki, to put as much information as possible.

We are contributing to this project on our spare time. If you do consider that it fit your needs, you would like to get more devices certified or tested, please feel free to donate, the amount will be dedicated to purchase new equipments and increase the list of compatible/certified devices. PayPal donate


The aim of the plugin is to bridge Zigate hardware to the Domoticz UI. This will allow you to manage all your devices through widgets created on the Domoticz side.

Here after is a non-exhaustive list of compatible devices. What is listed here is all devices which have been 'certified', we know that it operates with the plugin. It might happen that you have some other ZigBee compliant devices which can work.

To start


In case of Trouble

  1. Watch the log, you should fine some information if something is going wrong.
  2. Use one of the forum channels

The FAQ Corners

You want more

You'll find advanced information like How to configure the plugin for adding new - non-certfied devices -

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