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Send outbound traffic from a process through a Proximo proxy
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Send outbound traffic from a process through a Proximo proxy.


Install the stacklet into your app:

cd ~/myapp
curl | tar xz
git add bin/proximo vendor/dante
git commit -m "add proximo stacklet"


Modify your Procfile to prepend bin/proximo to any command:

web: bin/proximo bundle exec thin start

By default, the bin/proximo wrapper will cause all outbound traffic from the wrapped process to be sent across the Proximo proxy and appear to come from your static IP.

If you'd like to send a subset of traffic over the proxy, limit with PROXIMO_MASK

$ heroku config:add PROXIMO_MASK=""

This will cause only connections within to be made through the Proximo proxy.


proximo-stacklet is a fancy wrapper for Dante which is licensed with a BSD/CMU-type license.

The rest is licensed MIT.

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