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link config files

  • git clone
  • go to cloned directory, then ./setup/ [<dotfiles_dir>], where dotfiles_dir is directory where you clone this repo (default is ~/dotfiles). it will do these automatically for you:
    • create symlinks for all necessary dotfiles to your home directory

unlink config files

  • you can remove all symlinks generated by install step above, by calling ./setup/ inside your dotfiles directory


  • all configuration does not need any aditional action, except for the plugin
  • to use plugin, install tmux plugin manager (Optional)
    • git clone ~/.tmux/plugins/tpm
    • In tmux session, prefix + I to install listed plugins

arch linux

  • follow installation steps inside setup/arch/installation directory.
  • after arch is installed, you can install all the packages with setup/arch/ tweak as necessary.

local config


The ~/.gitconfig.local file will be automatically included after the configurations from ~/.gitconfig, thus, allowing its content to overwrite or add to the existing Git configurations.

Note: Use ~/.gitconfig.local to store sensitive information such as the Git user credentials, e.g.:

    name = Yuri
    email =