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Acknowledging PISM funding sources

If you use PISM in a publication then we ask for an acknowledgement of funding and a citation. However, unless PISM developers are involved in the preparation of the publication at the usual co-author level, we do not expect co-authorship on PISM-using papers.

To acknowledge PISM funding please include the statement:

Development of PISM is supported by NSF grants PLR-1603799 and PLR-1644277 and NASA grant NNX17AG65G.


To cite PISM please use at least one of Bueler and Brown (2009) or Winkelmann et al. (2011), below, as appropriate to the application.

If your results came from source code modifications to PISM then we request that your publication say so explicitly.

If your study relies heavily on certain PISM sub-models (such as hydrology, calving, fracture mechanics, thermodynamics) please contact the corresponding author/developer for information on additional citations.

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