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SDK for building Service Adapters for the Cloud Foundry On-Demand Service Broker
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Build Service Adapters for the Cloud Foundry On-Demand Service Broker (ODB) in Golang

This is an SDK for writing service adapters for ODB in Golang. It encapsulates the command line invocation handling, parameter parsing, response serialization and error handling so the adapter authors can focus on the service-specific logic in the adapter. This will speed up the time to meeting the service author deliverables outlined here.

Before creating a service adapter you will need to have BOSH release for the service that you wish to deploy.

After creating the service adapter and service BOSH release, you will be able to configure the ODB provision new dedicated service instances from Cloud Foundry!


Please use the SDK tag that matches the ODB release you are targeting.

For example if using ODB 0.15.1 release, use the 0.15.1 SDK tag.

Getting Started

Follow this guide to try out an example product.

Examples Service Adapters

Kafka Service Adapter:

Redis Service Adapter:


To integrate with the ODB we recommend that you package the service adapter in a BOSH release.


Kafka Service Adapter Release:

Redis Service Adapter Release:


SDK Documentation:

On-Demand Services Documentation:

On Demand Services SDK

Copyright (c) 2016 - Present Pivotal Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

This product is licensed to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License").
You may not use this product except in compliance with the License.

This product may include a number of subcomponents with separate copyright notices and license terms. Your use of these subcomponents is subject to the terms and conditions of the subcomponent's license, as noted in the LICENSE file.

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