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WARNING: This library is only compatible with Spring Boot 1.5 and Spring Security 2. If you are looking for a library that supports Spring Boot 2.1+ and Spring Security 5+, please refer to Java CFEnv and the updated identity-sample-apps

#Spring Cloud Single Sign-On Connector

Spring Cloud Connector for use with the Pivotal Single Sign-On Service on Cloud Foundry

Spring Applications

Spring Applications can use this connector to auto-configure its OAuth 2.0 client which enables the application with the Pivotal Single Sign-On Service

This service provides the following properties to your spring application:

Property Name Value
ssoServiceUrl e.g.
security.oauth2.client.clientId client_id
security.oauth2.client.clientSecret client_secret
security.oauth2.client.userAuthorizationUri {ssoServiceUrl}/oauth/authorize
security.oauth2.client.accessTokenUri {ssoServiceUrl}/oauth/token
security.oauth2.resource.userInfoUri {ssoServiceUrl}/userinfo
security.oauth2.resource.tokenInfoUri {ssoServiceUrl}/check_token
security.oauth2.resource.jwk.key-set-uri {ssoServiceUrl}/token_keys

Note: ssoServiceUrl refers to the service uri corresponding to a Pivotal Single Sign-On service plan. For more information on configuring a service plan please refer to

Java Applications

Applications can use this connector to access the information in VCAP_SERVICES environment variable, necessary to configure single sign-on.

CloudFactory cloudFactory = new CloudFactory();
Cloud cloud = cloudFactory.getCloud();
SsoServiceInfo ssoService = (SsoServiceInfo) cloud.getServiceInfo("p-identity");

Sample Apps

Sample apps using this connector are available at