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Social feed as a TYPO3 CMS extension
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Pxa Social Feed

Allow to add facebook, instagram, twitter and youtube feeds on site.

How to setup ?

There are 4 main steps how to make it work:

  • Configure access tokens and feeds configuration for facebook, instagram, twitter and youtube in BE module.
  • Add FE plugin on page.
  • Include extension TypoScript in TS template of site
  • Configure scheduler task

Create tokens using BE module.

In "Admin tools" find "Social Feed" module. First create new access tokens to be able to fetch feeds. Access tokens types:

  • Facebook. Create new app to get credentials. developers page

    1. App Id
    2. App Secret
  • Instagram OAuth. Register a new client to get credentials developers page.

    1. Client Id
    2. Client Secret

    After Client Id and Client Secret are set, press Generate Access Token" button.

    IMPORTANT !!! To get Access Token - Valid redirect URI should be ""

  • Twitter. Obtaining access tokens

    1. Consumer Key
    2. Consumer Secret
    3. Access Token
    4. Access Token Secret
  • Youtube. Read about how to get API key. developers page

    1. Api Key
  • Facebook OAuth (Instagram). Create new app to get credentials. developers page

    1. Client Id
    2. Client Secret

    After Client Id and Client Secret are set, press "Generate Access Token" button.

    If facebook app requires redirect uri - it is displayed and could be copied in the backend module above the Generate Access Token button.

Create configurations using BE module.

In configuration there are next fields:

  • Configuration name - just a custom name
  • Social ID - ID of account where to fetch feed from. For example:
    • Facebook page id, like 30674257397 (a page id)
    • Instagram account id, like 561765545 (Resultify page id)
    • Instagram hashtag, like #typo3
    • In case of using 'Facebook OAuth (Instagram)' token - facebook page id which instagram account is connected to
  • Limit - minimum number of records to keep and fetch from feed at once
  • Storage - specify folder where to save feed items
  • Token - choose access token

Add plugin on a page.

Create new content element and on "Plugins" tab find "Social Feed".

Plugin Options

  • Amount of feeds on page - limit of feeds to show at once
  • Load likes count - show like count for posts or no
  • Choose configuration for plugin - configurations to show on page

Include TS template

Include static (from extensions): "Pxa Social Feed (pxa_social_feed)"

Scheduler tasks

There are two scheduler tasks:

  • Social Feed Import - Import feeds from social network
  • Clean up obsolete entries - Remove obsolete social feed entries

Social Feed Import

Need only to set Frequency and choose configurations.

Clean up obsolete entries

Remove obsolete records for given number of days. It won't remove records if amount is less than limit in configuration.

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