Save vim undo files as /path/to/file instead of %path%to%file.
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The main goal of this plugin is to avoid the E828 error one can get in vim when trying to save a file with a very long file path and undofile enabled.

As vim saves undo files in undodir with a name equal to the original filepath, with all / replaced with %, one can hit the OS maximum length for files. If this happens, vim won't be able to save the undo file and will throw the E828 error.

What does this plugin do ?

Well, instead of saving undo files as %original%path%of%the%file, it will create the original/path/of/the/ folder structure inside of undodir, and save the undo file in it.

This way, we avoid the length limit on filenames, and as an added bonus it makes pruning the undo folder much more easier.


Just use pathogen.


You still need to enable set undofile for the plugin to kick in.