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vagrant development environment provisioned with shell scripts on precise64 box
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Vagrant Development Environment

Vagrant development environment provisioned with shell scripts on a (linux/ubuntu) precise64 box


  1. Install VirtualBox (version 4.1.22 or 4.1.23 not 4.2)
  2. Install Vagrant (
  3. Clone repo git clone git://
  4. Build box cd vagrant-dev-env
  5. Add submodule git submodule init
  6. Update vagrant-shell-scripts submodule git submodule update
  7. Fire up your box vagrant up
  8. Add to your hosts file: echo ' precise64' >> /etc/hosts

(If bin/ is incuded in provision script) Visit http://precise64 or http://precise64/phpinfo.php to working apache vhost and /bin

The precise64 box uses a shell script to provision the vagrant box. Also in the /bin/ directory are the shell scripts for installing apache, mysql, php, mongo, node.js, ruby, and my vim-config with a bunch of tools for an IDE.


Build Something

  1. If not already in the repo's root directory cd vagrant-dev-env (or the path you created)
  2. Login to your presice64 box via ssh vagrant ssh (the examples below are run from the vagrant box after connecting via ssh)
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