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In-memory publish-subscribe bus with pluggable subscription and publishing pipeline, first-class support of Observables, contravariant messaging and resolution of handlers through pluggable IOC. Will cover your event aggregation needs and then more.

The concepts of configuration, publishing, subscribing and modifying subscriptions are all separated from each other and pluggable.

The provided way to start a MemBus instance is going through the BusSetup.

var _bus = BusSetup.StartWith<Conservative>().Construct();

Conservative is one of the already available Configurators contained in the "Configurators" namespace.

As you can see from such a setup, what MemBus needs as a minimum is a default publish pipeline, a default subscriptionresolver, and a default strategy what to do with new subscriptions.

The bus that is now set up, and is of type IBus. IBus derives from IPublisher and ISubscriber.

Basic Usage

//Now you can do something like that:
using (_bus.Subscribe((Foo x) => Console.Writeline(x.Text))) {
  _bus.Publish(new Foo("hello world"));

Any subscription operation you undertake returns something of type IDisposable.

Publish/Subscribe message matching is by default done on the type of the message. Please note that message subscription is contravariant. I.e. a Method accepting a message of type object, will receive all messages published on MemBus.

There are no other rules apart from the following:

  • Subscriptions match the Action<T> delegate
  • There are no other rules apart from the previous

Subscription overloads

If you look at the Subscribe signature, there are a couple of overloads that help you in your messaging needs:

// Only get messages of type MessageB where the Id is "A"
b.Subscribe(msg => received++, c=>c.SetFilter(msg=>msg.Id == "A"));
// Receive MessageB on the DispatcherThread
b.Subscribe(msg => received++, c=>c.DispatchOnUiThread());

However, much of that functionality can be obtained more elegantly via IObservable instances.

Using Message reception via IObservable interface

It can be quite useful to obtain an IObservable<T> from your bus. There are 2 ways to do so:

var observable = bus.Observe<FooMessage>();
var observable = new MessageObservable<T>(bus);

This allows you to bring the Rx tastiness on top of messaging.

Subscribing based on Convention.

You may notice that one Subscribe overload accepts any object. This works when you setup MemBus with the FlexibleSubscribeAdapter:

bus = BusSetup.StartWith<Conservative>()
       .Apply<FlexibleSubscribeAdapter>(a => a.ByMethodName("Handle"))

class Subscriber {
  public void Handle(Foo msg) {}
var disposabble = _bus.Subscribe(new Subscriber());

The FlexibleSubscribeAdapter allows you to set up the convention by which subscibing methods are picked up. The configuration allows wiring up "ByMethodName(string)" or "ByInterface(Type)". The interface may be generic, in that case you specify the open generic. The one rule of subscribing also applies in this scenario: Your subscriptions must match the Action<T> signature.

The IDisposable returned by the Subcribe(object) disposes of all subscriptions that were found on said object.

If your object implements IAcceptsDisposeToken, the disposable that is returned by the subscribe call will be passed into the object being subscribed. That way objects have a way to take themselves out of the messaging, e.g. when they handle a couple of messages only relevant in a limited time of your App.


There isn't a lot one can say about Publishing. You may pass any object instance into the "Publish" method.

Release History


MemBus now also comes with support for Silverlight 5. Caution: Only the Silverlight version has a dependency on Rx.Main, if you use the silverlight version, manually add a dependency to Rx.Main


Removed cloning feature from Bus, as it was only partially implemented and does not seem very useful in real life. Added documentation xml.


Fixed bug related to removing and adding subscription where under certain conditions the subscription will not be picked up for handling a message


PublishToken now has a Cancel property. If a publish pipeline member sets this to true, all subsequent pipeline members will not be called anymore


Added Infrastructure class "DeferredPublishPipelineMember" to separate the time-wise coupling of setting up the bus and being able to construct an instance of "IPublishpipelineMember"


Removal of classes from MemBus that have no direct relationship to the core function of MemBus.


Copyright 2010 Frank-Leonardo Quednau (realfiction.net) Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this solution except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at


Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.