Simple example of using Signal Command Map Extension for Robotlegs2 (also uses covariant mediation)
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Using the Signal Command Map for Robotlegs2

This is an example of using the Signal Command Map. This example uses the new Robotlegs2 framework (swc included for ease of use)


This library will allow you to map a signal dispatch to the execution of a command.


In your app config you map a signal to a command like so:

  1. Install the extension on your context:


  2. Inject a reference to the SignalCommandMap in your config:

    [Inject] public var signalCommandMap:SignalCommandMap;

  3. Use the reference to create mappings: SomeSignalClass ).toCommand( SomeCommandClass );

When the Signal above is dispatched, the command created, injected with the Signal's params, and executed. You cannot use the same property types in a single signal because we do not know which one maps to which property in the command. For this reason, encapsulating your signal properties is a wise and flexible choice.