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A Collection of Objective-C / Javascript examples for the NimbleKit Framework

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NKBlueprint - Objective-C Edition


NK Blueprint Objective-C Edition is a collection of various Objective-C / Javascript mix examples for the NimbleKit iOS framework. All contributions welcome!


How To Use

Download the project, unzip & run. You can then add the relevant class files to your project to add any functionality that you might require.

For Example: To remove the shadow that the webView adds to your pages on scrolling

  1. Add deBounce.h & deBounce.m to your project
  2. Register the class with NKRegisterClass("deBounce");
  3. Call the function with CallNKitAction('dummy?className=deShadow')
  4. Tada! webView shadow should now be gone

More Details

See the NimbleKit forum thread for further details, to make requests or report bugs - or alternatively feel free to do so in the gitHub issue tracker

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