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v5 Resources

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Main site

All things pixi such as overview, tutorials, projects and examples can be found here



Debugging and editor tools

  • PixiJS Free Transform Tool by @jedateach provides controls for transforming position, size, and rotation of Pixi.js Display Objects.
  • gstatsjs shows graphics statistics (texture count, draw calls) for WebGL applications, tested on PixiJS and Phaser.

Text & Input

Vector Graphics

  • pixi5-svg Allows to load SVG in Graphics. Works only with ES6.

Tool integration

Camera and transforms

Other plugins

  • pixi-layers, Layer-based rendering, saves a lot of time for 2d games with multiple layers (nickname, character, shadows). Required for lighting plugins!
  • pixi-heaven, Dark-Light tint, One-color tint, Polygon Packing with texturePacker, Mesh texture trim support.
  • pixi-tilemap, fast low-level helper for tilemaps, standard and isometry. Faster than collection of sprites, a bit faster than PIXI.Graphics, avoids spritesheet edge artifacts. Want 30000 tiles on screen? OK. Want a million? Just spawn multiple tilemaps.


  • Forum
  • Chat
  • PixiJS Slack - ask someone, its by invitation
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