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Cinder's Timeline animation engine packaged as an openFrameworks addon
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When compiling on the Raspberry Pi / Wheezy Raspbian, ofTypes hoists shared_ptr, weak_ptr and enable_shared_from_this from std::tr1 while this code was hosting them just from std.

__cplusplus seems to be defined to 1 when compiling C++ and for more recently compilers, will be the value of the compliance for example 199711 by default or 201103 for c++11. Compiling on the Raspberry Pi of course evaluates to 1.

I cannot be certain that this is correct, but the change does allow complication on the Raspberry Pi so I'm good with that until a better solution is found.
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ofxCinderTimeline is Cinder's Timeline animation engine packaged as an openFrameworks addon. The Timeline API allows for the sophisticated animation of arbitrary properties. It supports a large library of easing functions as well as custom easing, callbacks and fire-and-forget tween management. The add source is taken directly from Cinder 0.8.4 and unmodified (newer versions require not-yet-supported-by-openFrameworks C++11 and libc++). Timeline is based on the sc-Choreograph CinderBlock by David Wicks.


Basics - Take pos to (0,0) in 1 second using a quadratic easing curve. 0.125 seconds before the pos animation completes, begin to take radius to 3.0 in 5 seconds using the default linear easing.

ofxCinderTimeline::Anim<ofVec2f> pos = ofVec2f(10.0f, 10.0f);
ofxCinderTimeline::Anim<float> radius = 0.0f;
timeline().apply(&pos, ofVec2f::zero(), 1.0f, ofxCinderTimeline::EaseInQuad());
timeline().apply(&radius, 3.0f, 5.0f).appendTo(&pos, -0.125f);

Callbacks - After a 4 second delay, animate alpha from 1.0 to 0.0 in 2 seconds using the default linear easing. When complete, the callback method faded will be run.

ofxCinderTimeline::Anim<float> alpha;
timeline().apply(&alpha, 1.0f, 0.0f, 2.0f).delay(4.0f).finishFn(boost::bind(&ofApp::faded, this));

Cues - 5 seconds from now, run the callback method cueHit.

timeline().add(boost::bind(&ofApp::cueHit, this), timeline().getCurrentTime() + 5);

For more information, see the included example example-BasicTween, the RFC: Timeline (+ Boost 1.48) forum thread and the Timeline documentation from the Cinder library.


Timeline requires Boost to compile. Download the 1.48 sources unarchive and move the resulting boost_1_48_0/boost into ofxCinderTimeline/libs. The ofxCinderTimeline addon requires that ofxCinderTimeline/libs and ofxCinderTimeline/libs/cinder/include are included in the header search path.


While Boost is required, you may not want to add it to your project as there are 8,654 header files - it only needs to be within the header search path! Both the projectGenerator and OFPlugin blow up trying to use ofxCinderTimeline, possibly due to the number of Boost headers. Until that is resolved, you may wish to add ofxCinderTimeline to your project manually.

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