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wat - a simple packet sniffer in swift

wat is a very simple exploration of using the libpcap library on OSX via Swift through a command line interface.


Just load in XCode6+, and build. Then run with sudo:

sudo ./wat

Initial output should look like this:

Opening device: en0
Datalink Name: IEEE802_11_RADIO
Datalink Description: 802.11 plus radiotap header

Hardcoded to en0 for now.

Also, I am focusing on the output of management and authentication packets (EAPOL), since the first task is getting the 4-way handshake supported for decrypting WPA2 traffic. (More details in the 'gotchas' section here.)


  • Function pointers in Swift - getting better with XCode6 beta4, but I had to go back to ObjectiveC for this
  • Found this code on Stack Overflow - very useful for low level byte manipulation in Swift:
    func read<T>(byteLocation: Int) -> T {
        let bytes = self.rawData.subdataWithRange(NSMakeRange(byteLocation, sizeof(T))).bytes
        return UnsafePointer<T>(bytes).memory


  • SSL - no proxy means no reading SSL, even when WPA/WPA2 is decrypted
  • For proper debugging of traffic, WPA/WPA2 traffic needs to be decrypted (given proper password) -- this code is nontrivial to figure out.
  • Focusing on IEEE802.11 plus radiotap, for now

Help & Links

If you want to help out, please fork and make some pull requests. Here are some links I found useful:

  • tcpdump - tcpdump source code & docs
  • Programming with libpcap - PDF of article from Hackin9 magazine in 2008. Very old, but nice to read some basics.
  • Radiotap docs - Explains the radiotap header - took me a while to figure this out. Basically, you just need the (variable) length


PJ Gray


wat is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


A simple packet sniffer in swift




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