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Relevant Dropdown

A HTML5 datalist polyfill that depends on jQuery and Modernizr.

Datalist browser support (Dec 2011) is Firefox 4+, Opera 10.6+, and IE 10. It's reasonable that you'd want WebKit support. So. This.

Example HTML5 Markup

<input type="search" list="states" placeholder="Find U.S. State">

<datalist id="states">
    <option value="Alabama">
    <option value="Alaska">
  <!-- all states -->

Include jQuery and Modernizr in head of document

<script src="js/jquery-1.7.1.js"></script>
<script src="js/modernizr.custom.50983.js"></script>

Run the Modernizr test, and load polyfill stuff if needed

      test : (!Modernizr.input.list || (parseInt($.browser.version) > 400)),
      yep : [

load-fallbacks.js calls the plugin. Example contents:


  fadeOutSpeed: 0, // optional, default: 'normal;
    change: function(new_text) {
      console.log('the new value is: ', new_text);


  • Better IE styling (drop shadows don't work)
  • Remove Modernizr and jQuery dependancies (make totally standalone)
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