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Most of the GSL compiles and maps against Perl. For a list of working

modules see ./src/mappings/swig/gsl_common.i
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pjotrp committed Apr 10, 2009
1 parent 0ca50aa commit b271ec9761596ae419e2237b445d3372a36a08d5
Showing with 37 additions and 26 deletions.
  1. +1 −0 src/clibs/gsl/src/gsl_files.txt
  2. +36 −26 src/mappings/swig/gsl_common.i
@@ -1,3 +1,4 @@
@@ -1,52 +1,62 @@
/* gsl_common includes SWIG mappings shared by all languages */
+/* Successfully mapped: */
+%include Statistics.i
+%include Sum.i
%include BLAS.i
%include BSpline.i
-%include CBLAS.i
%include CDF.i
-%include Chebyshev.i
%include Combination.i
%include Complex.i
%include Const.i
-%include Deriv.i
+%include Spline.i
+%include Sys.i
+%include VectorComplex.i
+%include Vector.i
%include DHT.i
%include Diff.i
%include Eigen.i
-%include Errno.i
-%include FFT.i
-%include Fit.i
-%include Heapsort.i
%include Histogram2D.i
%include Histogram.i
-%include IEEEUtils.i
-%include Integration.i
%include Interp.i
%include Linalg.i
%include Machine.i
%include MatrixComplex.i
%include Matrix.i
-%include Min.i
-%include Monte.i
%include Multifit.i
%include Multimin.i
-%include Multiroots.i
-%include NTuple.i
%include ODEIV.i
-%include Permutation.i
-%include Poly.i
%include PowInt.i
%include QRNG.i
-%include Randist.i
%include RNG.i
-%include Roots.i
%include SF.i
-/* %include Siman.i */
-/* %include Sort.i */
-%include Spline.i
-%include Statistics.i
-%include Sum.i
-%include Sys.i
-%include VectorComplex.i
-%include Vector.i
+%include Siman.i
%include Wavelet2D.i
-%include Wavelet.i
+%include Wavelet.i
+Succeed when mapped in isolation (need to make modules)
+%include FFT.i
+%include Fit.i
+%include IEEEUtils.i
+%include Poly.i
+Failing to map:
+%include CBLAS.i
+%include Deriv.i
+%include Chebyshev.i
+%include Errno.i
+%include Heapsort.i
+%include Integration.i
+%include Min.i
+%include Monte.i
+%include Multiroots.i
+%include NTuple.i
+%include Permutation.i
+%include Randist.i
+%include Roots.i
+%include Sort.i

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