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Temporal Databases: Theory and Postgres

These are the slides and my notes for a talk about temporal databases given at pdxpug 21 February 2019 then again at PGCon 2019 in Ottawa on 31 May 2019. It is built on reveal.js.

You also can get all the slides as a PDF, or read the slides' Markdown with speaker notes.

You can also find video of my talk on my website.


You can run the slides locally by saying:

npm install
npm start

You can get a slideshow-able PDF by going to http://localhost:8000/?print-pdf in Chrome and printing to a PDF. This is what you want to save as slides.pdf.

You can include speaker notes by going to http://localhost:8000/?print-pdf&showNotes=separate-page in Chrome, printing to a PDF, then printing the PDF. It uses a custom hack to get separate-page speaker notes with a white background. This is what you want to print before you give the talk.