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YAK Pro - mysql to mysqli converter

YAK Pro stands for Yet Another Killer Product.

Free, Open Source, Published under the MIT License.

This tool parses php with the best existing php parser PHP-Parser,
which is an awesome php parsing library written by nikic.

You just have to download the zip archive and uncompress it under the PHP-Parser subdirectory.
or make a git clone ...

The yakpro-mtm.cnf self-documented file contains configuration options! Take a look at it!

Demo : yakpro-mtm demo.

Prerequisites: php 5.3 or higher, PHP-Parser.

Why a mysql to mysqli converter?

Legacy php access to MySql was made using the mysql extension interface.
The mysql extension is deprecated as of PHP 5.5.0, but many legacy php programs still use mysql.
The comming php 7 will completly remove the mysql extension, which is a bacwkard compatibility break!

There are a few alternatives for people wanting to port their php scripts on php 7.

  1. Rewrite their software with PDO, which is a database abstraction layer.
    The programming logic is not the same, it requires a lot of work.
  2. Rewrite their software with mysqli, which have 2 interfaces styles;
    • an object oriented one.
    • a procedural one, very simalar to the legacy mysql one, but with few changes like parameter order inversion, and new required parameters.

This converter, converts mysql to mysqli using the procedural form, which is very similar to the mysql one.
It is best suited for people that do not plan a full rewrite of their old software involving a logic change, but who want to port their software to mysqli at lower cost, minimizing the changes to do.

YAK Pro - mysql to mysqli converter Main Features:

  • If your software uses always the same "link" parameter, you can specify it.
  • Recursivly converts a project's directory.
  • Makefile like, timestamps based mechanism, to re-convert only files that were changed since last convert.


Put the downloaded files where you want...
    chmod a+x yakpro-mtm.php     would be helpfull...

It would be a good idea to create a symbolic link named yakpro-mtm in /usr/local/bin,
pointing to the yakpro-mtm.php file.

Put the PHP-Parser directory at the same level that the yakpro-mtm.php file.

Modify a copy of the yakpro-mtm.cnf to fit your needs...
Read the "Configuration file loading algorithm" section of this document
to choose the best location suiting your needs!

That's it! You're done!


yakpro-mtm Converts according configuration file! (See configuration file loading algorithm)

yakpro-mtm source_filename Converts code to stdout

yakpro-mtm source_filename -o target_filename Converts code to target_filename

yakpro-mtm source_directory -o target_directory Recursivly converts code to target_directory/yakpro-mtm (creates it if not already exists).

yakpro-mtm --config-file config_file_path According to config_file_path.

yakpro-mtm --clean Requires target_directory to be present in your config file!
Recursivly removes target_directory/yakpro-mtm

Configuration file loading algorithm:

(the first found is used)

--config-file argument value
YAKPRO_MTM_CONFIG_FILE environnement variable value if exists and not empty.

filename selection:
       YAKPRO_MTM_CONFIG_FILENAME environnement variable value if exists and not empty,
       yakpro-mtm.cnf otherwise.

 file is then searched in the following directories:
        YAKPRO_MTM_CONFIG_DIRECTORY  environnement variable value if exists and not empty.

  if no config file is found, default values are used.

  You can find the default config file as an example in the yakpro-mtm.cnf file of the
  Do not modify it directly because it will be overwritten at each update!
  Use your own yakpro-mtm.cnf file (for example in the root directory of your project)

  When working on directories, if you make some changes in one or several source files,
  yakpro-mtm uses timestamps to only convert files that where changed.
  since last convert.
  This can saves you a lot of time.

  caveats: does not delete files that are no more present...
           use --clean  command line parameter, and then re-convert all!

Other command line options:

(override config file settings)

--silent                        do not display Information level messages.
--debug                         (internal debugging use) displays the syntax tree.

--no-default-link-name          do not use a default link name
--default-link-name  name       uses name as the default link name (do not prepend a $ sign)

--indent-mode  mode             specify converted files indent mode ( standard or yakpro ).

-h or
--help                          displays help.


YAK Pro - mysql to mysqli converter




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