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Love this app, thanks for creating it! Questions and comments about tasks-times.txt:

  1. Do the three numeric values represent hours, minutes and seconds? So "[Project X];Task Y;1;23;0" is 1 hour, 23 minutes and 0 seconds. I looked but didn't see this documented anywhere.

  2. The use of semicolons to separate fields causes Numbers to open the content in a single column.

  3. Column headings in the CSV would be nice.

  4. Configuration options for 2) and 3) would be perfect.


Yes, I should probably update the README - the file format is


Both elapsed-time and estimate are in minutes.

What separator does Numbers use?

@4: agreed


Thanks for the quick response - that makes sense of those values.

Numbers will correctly parse commas when opening a .csv file, and either tabs or semicolons when opening a .txt file (just discovered that last bit when confirming this answer). So I can work around this by changing the extension of the tasks-times.csv file to .txt.


Oh I see - but I don't think commas would be a very good idea as a separator since they are very likely to appear in task descriptions.

Right now I'm just escaping the semicolons when they appear in a project or task description, not a perfect solution, I agree - if you have any ideas please let me know.

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