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Making MGoBoard a little more readable
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MGo Comment Enhancer

Making MGoBoard a little more readable

August 2018 Update

Consider this pretty beta.



I'm a fan and reader of MGoBlog, and the community at MGoBoard. I wanted to put together a little script to modify the CSS of the page to produce (what I think is) a cleaner and more compact overall look.

So, how does it work? It's basically a little piece of code that activates only when you're at It tells your web browser to change the styles of certain elements: for example-- remove the sidebar areas, make the posts wider, hide the author profile picture and signature, make the indents more prominent, etc.

It only activates on this one site, and does not interact with the MGoBlog server or slow down your experience. The code is open-source so you can play around to ensure there's no funny business going on. ✌🏽


The script can be installed using TamperMonkey, which is a well-supported and open-source userscript manager that supports most major browsers.

Once you've installed TamperMonkey, simply head to the following link and press "Install" --

Head to MGoBoard, toggle it on/off, and hit refresh.


Step 1) Install TamperMonkey

Step 2) Go to this link

Step 3) Click install

Step 4) Navigate to MGoBoard

Step 5) Make sure it's "enabled" via TamperMonkey (you might need to refresh)

Technical Notes

This is not "clean code." It's not as efficient/clean as it could be. Please contribute if you see missing features or have ideas to make it better. Submit an issue, PR, or email me.

I'm including some example files to make it easier to test in a local environment.

Anyway, this project is open-source under the MIT License, and I welcome you to do whatever you want with it.


Problems? Comments? MGoSnark?

Ping me here, on Twitter @PeterKimFrank, or via email at -at- gmail


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